Gen Con Preview #1 - Chaosium's massive program of scheduled games

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 12th May 2019

Gen Con event tickets will be released for purchase by the public on May 19th. With our support of crack team of GMs and Keepers from the Cult of Chaos, our director of organised play Todd has put together a massive program of games in our dedicated 20 table event space.In the next few pos … read more

We welcome two new people to the Chaosium team - David and Andrew

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 20th Oct 2018

We are pleased to welcome two new people to the Chaosium team!David Scott (right) is our convention coordinator for UK/Europe and IT support specialist. David’s direct interaction with Chaosium began long ago, as one of the organisers of the Chaosium-orientated Convulsion convention in Lei … read more

Chaosium's 2018 ENnies Success: thanks to all the creative teams

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 5th Aug 2018

Chaosium had a great night at the 2018 ENnies Awards at Gen Con, picking up four Gold and two Silver awards from nine nominations. Many thanks to the ENnies judging panel for shortlisting our work for consideration, and to the Chaosium tribe and voting public for your support!The Chaosium … read more

Chaosium to publish second edition of the critically-acclaimed Harlem Unbound

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 5th Aug 2018

SIGN UP TO THE HARLEM UNBOUND 2ND EDITION PREVIEW LIST HERE: notes, previews, art, release dates, and special surprises from the new edition of Harlem Unbound! Chaosium, publishers of Call of Cthulhu, will publish a second, updated edition of the critically acclai … read more

Flying in RQG for Gen Con...

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 28th Jul 2018

We're going to have these beauties at Gen Con, fresh from the presses and air-shipped direct from our printer in Hong Kong!RQG leatherette edition, signed by the authors - $100 (20 copies only)RQG hardback core rules - $55 (200 copies only)And if you've bought the RQG pdf already from Chao … read more

ENnies 2018 Spotlight: Fan Favourite Publisher

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 16th Jul 2018

Three years ago Greg Stafford and Sandy Petersen returned to Chaosium, bringing the team from Moon Design Publications on as co-owners and managers of the company. Since then it's been an amazing journey: putting the company back on its feet, getting out the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Kic … read more

ENnies 2018 Spotlight: RuneQuest Quickstart & Adventure

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 16th Jul 2018

The RuneQuest Quickstart & Adventure was our Free RPG Day release in 2017. It features the essential rules of the new RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, presented in abbreviated form. It also features a ready-to-play scenario with pre-gens. It is a great way to jump in and … read more