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Unnatural Selections #30 - Six Ages reviews

Posted by Michael O'Brien on

SIX AGES: RIDE LIKE THE WIND, the 'spiritual successor' to King of Dragon Pass, was recently released on Windows and Mac. Here are some new reviews of the Windows and Mac versions that we like:

88/100 - "This charming sequel doesn't need flashy new innovations to craft an engrossing adventure... I'm just glad to be back in Glorantha again."—PC Gamer (reviewed on PC)

"I loved every minute of it."—Rock Paper Shotgun.

91/100 - "Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind is the ideal implementation of its predecessor's unique gameplay in modern times. Some might just call it 'King of Dragon Pass +1' ... but what's wrong with that?"— (in Greek).

"With a refreshing combination of story, mythology, and strategy, Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind is more than a worthy successor to King of Dragon Pass; the game will have something in store for newbies and King of Dragon Pass veterans alike."—Check Point Gaming

"Colorful and lively. Moody and often surprising. Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind is sure to delight anyone who steps into its world."—

86/100 - "Unique and highly enjoyable... by committing to the wonderful setting, Six Ages has more to say than a dozen fantasy RPGs"—Cog Connected.

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  • Six Ages
  • Glorantha

Chaosium opens new fulfilment warehouse in Poland

Chaosium has opened a new fulfilment warehouse in Poland. This warehouse is in addition to the existing Chaosium fulfilment centres in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Products ordered directly from are despatched from the nearest available warehouse, saving customers time and money on shipping. The warehouse in Poland is managed by Michal Lisowski, who recently joined Chaosium [...]

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Critical Role's Call of Cthulhu one-shot 'The Shadow of the Crystal Palace' passes one million views on YouTube

A million souls, exposed to the madness of Call of Cthulhu! Critical Role's acclaimed one-shot "Shadow of the Crystal Palace" has just clicked over 1 million views on YouTube!  Brilliant work by Keeper of Arcane Lore Taliesin Jaffe @executivegoth and doughty investigators @WillingBlam, @VoiceOfOBrien, @Marisha_Ray, @ashly_burch, @phillamarr, and @erikaishii!Pick up the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set for a [...]

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Insanitarium - Part Three of FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, our new Organized Play Campaign for Call of Cthulhu

Members of our Cult of Chaos gamemaster program can now download 'Insanitarium', part three of Flotsam and Jetsam, our new Organised Play campaign for Call of Cthulhu. Flotsam and Jetsam is presented as four separate and loosely linked scenarios, released on a monthly basis. Each part is essentially stand-alone, offering one or more sessions of play. [...]

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Dead Men's Eyes and the Watchers of Walberswick

On Friday evening, Chaosium’s Lynne Hardy attended Dead Men’s Eyes, part of actor Robert Lloyd Parry’s M. R. James Project, at the Literary and Philosophical Society in Newcastle upon Tyne. There, in the largest independent library outside London, she was treated to two of James’ stories as performed by a master storyteller: “A View from a Hill” and “The Treasure [...]

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Up to 60% off sale at our Redbubble Merchandise Store: next two days!

There's up to 60% off at the Chaosium Redbubble merchandise store for the next 2 days!60% off shower curtains and floor pillow cases. 40% off coasters, mugs, pouches, notebooks, journals and blankets. 30% off art prints, phone cases and framed prints. 25% off all other products.Use code VIRTUAL on Checkout.Expires November 14, 2019 11:59pm.

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Geek and Sundry's 'Starter Kit' introduces 7th Sea: now on YouTube

Geek and Sundry's Starter Kit series on YouTube introduces the 7th Sea RPG. As Starter Kit host Jason Charles Miller says, "Now there's no one who knows 7th Sea better than John [Wick], because he happens to be the creator of the game." Here in Part One, John helps our players build their characters:Then, in Part Two, our party of pirates and their [...]

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​New Maps for our Flotsam and Jetsam Organised Play Campaign!

This is the players' version of a new set of maps by Matt Ryan for our current Organised Play campaign, Flotsam and Jetsam. There is also a Keeper version with secret locations marked on it. Presented as four separate and loosely linked scenarios, each episode of Flotsam and Jetsam is released free on a monthly [...]

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Ethernomicon Collectable Card Game Slithers Closer

The crowdfunding campaign for the Call of Cthulhu mythos-based Ethernomicon collectable card game draws closer to the appointed time! Combining exciting gameplay with visually stunning artwork, the physical manifestation of the Call of Cthulhu game destined for play on the blockchain is shambling forwards...Ethernomicon has been developed by a team of recent Software Engineering grads from [...]

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Acquisitions Inc presents Call of Cthulhu at PAX Aus; now on YouTube

Cthulhu called, and they answered! Acquisitions Incorporated undertook their most eldritch adventure yet at PAX Aus on October 12, playing Call of Cthulhu in front of sold-out audience of more than 1500 cultists in the main theatre.With Broodhollow creator Kris Straub in the Keeper's chair, you can now watch Acq Inc's Jerry Holkins, Arnie Niecamp, Anna Prosser, and Ryan [...]

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