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Miskatonic Monday: the Miskatonic Repository goes Down Darker Trails, and other eldritch places...

Posted by Michael O'Brien on

The Medicine Show is a great example of taking material from one setting and adapting it for another for the Miskatonic Repository. The scenario originally appeared in Tory Wilhelmson's Devil’s Gulch: Basic Roleplaying Adventures in the Weird West supplement. Community content creator Jonathan Meadows got permission from Troy and Chaosium to update this scenario to Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition and move the setting from Devil’s Gulch to the San Rafael setting from Call of Cthulhu's Old West supplement Down Darker Trails.

The Medicine Show - Miskatonic RepositoryThe Medicine Show

by Troy Wilhelmson, Jonathan Meadows ($0.00, 11 page PDF)

Dr. Albert’s Astounding Medicine Show is coming to town tomorrow. When you woke up this morning, posters were plastered everywhere advertising his arrival and promising music, dancing girls, feats of strength, and a real wild-man, but the real attraction is Dr. Albert’s Astounding Restorative Elixir that promises to cure anything from gout to small pox in 17 days or less.

Other awesome titles recently added to the Miskatonic Repository...

The Gruen Transfer - Miskatonic Repository

The Gruen Transfer
by Danial Carroll ($0.73, 22 page PDF)

An horrific attack on an everyday shopping mall leaves a group of survivors not only having to face their assailants, but something much darker and infinitely more disturbing. Single-session, modern-day survival horror scenario.

Pickman's Legacy - Miskatonic Repository

Pickman's Legacy
by Keegan Sullivan ($0.50, 11 page PDF)

Joseph Pickman is a father desperate for answers. After police finally declare his missing daughter’s case cold, Joseph seeks anyone who can help him get answers. Modern era, suitable as an introductory adventure or a fun one-shot for an evening.

Call of Poolthulhu - Miskatonic Repository

Call of Poolthulhu
by Anthony Berrardine (Pay What You Want, suggested price $0.00, 10 page PDF)

Professor Herbert Cowan, a renown Paranologist, formerly of Miskatonic University has unexpectedly gone mad. Can you and your associates solve the mystery of his madness all the while saving a small town from the ravages of a plague? Classic-era scenario is designed for 2-5 investigators to be completed within a single gaming session. 

Miskatonic Repository


Are you a Keeper looking for new scenarios and story elements? A player looking for something mysterious to spark a character idea? Is your group looking for eerie ideas to use in your game? The Miskatonic Repository is where you can find —and create —self-published material for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.

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Necronomicon Discord Charity Stream - 25-26 August

The Necronomicon Discord community (not related to the Necronomicon convention) is hosting a Call of Cthulhu charity event on August 25-26 to raise money for Leukaemia Care. Special guests will include (but are not limited to) Chaosium's Lynne Hardy and well-known Call of Cthulhu writer and podcaster Scott Dorward (Blasphemous Tomes podcast, The Two-Headed Serpent, Nameless Horrors, etc). Chaosium [...]

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Selkana's Saga #4: Love and Tradition of the Grand Design

Selkana’s Saga is a new Chaosium blog series by Ellie and Scott Akers, following a long-format roleplaying campaign using the RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha system. Also see:—part oneTelling Diverse Stories with Role Playing—part twoHow setting drives the story, and a crash course on Esrolia—part three"Help I've joined a Cult", practical advice for the new initiateOur adventure [...]

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Cthulhu Maestro Mark Morrison to run new Reign of Terror scenario on Twitch TV' Saving Throw Show

Liberté, égalité, lose SANité - Call of Cthulhu maestro Mark Morrison (Horror on the Orient Express, Reign of Terror, Call of Cthulhu the official video game) is running a new scenario from Reign of Terror on TwitchTV on Saturday 11 August at 8pm PT with the Saving Throw Show - heads will roll!Tune in here:

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Chaosium to assist Nocturnal Media with the release and distribution of Greg Stafford's King Arthur Pendragon RPG

Chaosium Inc will assist Nocturnal Media in the release and distribution of Greg Stafford's King Arthur Pendragon RPG, it was announced at Gen Con on Sunday.Said Chaosium President Rick Meints:"After Stewart’s passing, Steve Wieck met with us and we offered to be there to help him and Jennifer in any way we could. We've all agreed that [...]

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Chaosium's 2018 ENnies Success: thanks to all the creative teams

Chaosium had a great night at the 2018 ENnies Awards at Gen Con, picking up four Gold and two Silver awards from nine nominations. Many thanks to the ENnies judging panel for shortlisting our work for consideration, and to the Chaosium tribe and voting public for your support!The Chaosium winners were:Khan of Khans - Best RPG-Related Product [...]

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Chaosium to publish second edition of the critically-acclaimed Harlem Unbound

Chaosium, publishers of Call of Cthulhu, will publish a second, updated edition of the critically acclaimed Harlem Unbound, it was announced at Gen Con today.Harlem Unbound is the creation of African-American game designer Chris Spivey. The first edition was published to critical acclaim by Spivey's indie studio Darker Hue Studios. Spivey's first release, Harlem Unbound won three [...]

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Cthulhu Chronicles: Interview with Content Lead Sam Riordan

CTHULHU CHRONICLES, the official Call of Cthulhu interactive fiction game, was launched by our friends MetaArcade last month. We talked to Content Lead Sam Riordan about the project and "getting to dive deeper into the Mythos":Q: Can you tell us about the Cthulhu Chronicles?Cthulhu Chronicles is an interactive fiction game set with light RPG elements, adapted [...]

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​The Goddesses of the Earth: a Glorantha Seminar write-up from Continuum Convention, July 2018

By Claudia LoroffBlood, sex and Rock’n Roll - making the Ernalda cult fun to play!Ernalda is the primary Gloranthan Earth Goddess. Two or three years ago Jeff Richard and I had a discussion about ways to make Ernaldan characters more fun to play in Gloranthan roleplaying (RuneQuest, Heroquest Glorantha). Often they are played as healer-types, unconstrained by the [...]

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Flying in RQG for Gen Con...

We're going to have these beauties at Gen Con, fresh from the presses and air-shipped direct from our printer in Hong Kong!RQG leatherette edition, signed by the authors - $100 (20 copies only)RQG hardback core rules - $55 (200 copies only)And if you've bought the RQG pdf already from, we'll apply the coupon discount.These are sure [...]

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