Other RPGs

Chaosium has created other fabulous and widely-acclaimed games based on different worlds of myth and fantasy for you to explore and adventure in.

13th Age Glorantha: A d20 take on the mythic world of Glorantha.

Basic Roleplaying (BRP): A rule-system that allows you to plan in any world, especially one of your own creation.

Würm - The Ice Age Roleplaying Game: Roleplaying in a prehistoric world. Face the dangers and challenges of an ice age 35,000 years in the past.

Aquelarre (Coven in English) is a demonic medieval roleplaying translated from its native Spanish.

Superworld: Superheroes are the mythological heroes of our time and this classic four colors comic book RPG was created by Steve Perrin for Chaosium back in 1984. Just say no to Doctor Drugs and dash his dastardly plots with the classic adventure by Ken Rolston. 

Nephilim: The eternal Nephilim are the secret masters of this acclaimed setting of occult conspiracy and magic. Scheme against your fellow Nephilim while thwarting the plots of the Templars, Rosicrucian, Thule Bruderschaft and other secret societies.

Come and explore the many mythic worlds of Chaosium through our games, where fantasy and mythology come to life.