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Nations of Theah: Book Six - Vodacce - PDF

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The Spider's Web

“There is no punishment for failure in Vodacce. Those who deserve to be punished are already dead.”

— Giovanni Villanova

Vodacce is a lady who hides her steel claws within a velvet glove. Her daughters, mistresses of destiny and weavers of the future, direct their subtle manipulations beneath the notice of the seven merchant Princes and hide their power behind veils and webs. Within her borders lies the ancient city of Numa, a rotting husk within the trappings of the Vaticine Church, surrounded by lost relics of a former age. Gently rising from arched spires and impossible towers, the islands of the Princes maintain complete power over its mainland, controlling their noble families with an iron grasp. Courtesans, beautiful and glittering, dance for the nobility behind jeweled masks while dark shadows conceal Fate Witches and their skeins. While the men war for control of Vodacce’s wealth and power, the women fight a battle of a different sort — against the very destiny they seek to control. The most dangerous country in Théah hides behind a pleasing smile.

The Vodacce sourcebook includes:

  • A complete history of the country, from the early days within the Empire of Numa to the present, and complete descriptions of the seven Princes and their noble families.
  • Detailed descriptions of the land, its people and their culture — including the life of a courtesan, the Vodacce ideal of honor, and backgrounds for those who choose to serve the Seven Princes.
  • New rules for Vodacce Heroes: family backgrounds, fighting schools, Sorte abilities, new skills and advantages, and a unique courtesan’s fighting style.
  • A special section on women in Vodacce, from the Fate Witches and courtesans to the Senzavista, women born into the nobility without the gifts of Sorte.

Chariot Race

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