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Nations of Theah: Book Two - Avalon - PDF

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"You don't live the story on the Glamour Isles. The story lives you." - Derwyddon

There is a land where the heroes of legend never died. Where magic permeates the very soil of the ground. Where eldritch creatures stalk the countryside, and where three kingdoms emerged from six centuries of bloodshed to challenge the greatest powers in Théah. Welcome to Avalon, where your fondest dreams - and worst nightmares - come true.

The Avalon sourcebook includes:

  • Information on the three nations that compromise the Glamour Isles, complete with history, background information, and prominent personalities.
  • An extensive discussion on the enigmatic Sidhe, including a system for creating Sidhe Heroes.
  • A wealth of new rules: fighting schools, new Glamour Knacks, Druid magic, and the elite order of Elain's Knights.
  • Descriptions of the Isles' most terrifying monsters, a two-page map of the Avalon capital, and more!

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1st Edition 7th Sea
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Rob Vaux, John Wick
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Terese Neilson
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Ramon Perez, Scott James, Steve Bryant, Cris Dornaus