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WHAT IS RUNEQUEST?— PART ONE: Four features that help make RuneQuest distinct among other roleplaying games

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 6th Jun 2018

Here are four features that help make RuneQuest distinct among other roleplaying games:

Mythic Adventure1. Mythic Adventure RuneQuest began in Glorantha. Its influences are Bronze Age cultures where the relationship between mortals and the gods are much stronger. Rather than being myths, the deeds and actions of the gods are history, and are very much active forces in shaping the day-to-day lives of all living things.

Culture and Community2. Culture and Community — Adventurers are strongly tied to their cultures and clans, with compelling family histories, complete with all that entails. They begin play knowing not only who they are, who their family is, what clan they belong to, but with personal history that gives them experience and momentum going forward.

Unique Adventurers3. Unique Adventurers — Players can create unique adventurers and customize them as desired, without arbitrary restrictions such as classes or levels. All adventurers can use magic, including powerful Rune spells that channel the very power of the gods. As adventurers progress, they grow along natural lines: skills that are used successful improve, and rather than being limited, the opportunities for development and improve increase dramatically.

Dangerous Combat4. Dangerous Combat — Combat in RuneQuest can be dangerous, even deadly, with skirmishes filled the chance of fumbles, critical hits, and strategic tactical choices. Shields can shatter when hit hard enough, limbs can be disabled, and even the weakest of opponents can get off a lucky shot that can take out an experienced foe.

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Art Credit: Andrey Fetisov