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Six Ages - the "spiritual successor" to the Glorantha game King of Dragon Pass launches on iOS on June 28!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 10th Jun 2018

Our friends at A Sharp have announced that Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind, the "spiritual successor" to the amazing and enduring King of Dragon Pass game, launches later this month.

Six Ages will come to the iOS App Store on 28 June, with preorders starting 21 June. It will sell for US$ 9.99.

A Sharp have announced they're currently developing the game for other platforms, and expect to release them next year.

Like King of Dragon Pass, Six Ages is set in Greg Stafford's World of Glorantha, the same mythic universe as Chaosium's recently released RuneQuest RPG, as well as the HeroQuest Glorantha RPG and Khan of Khans family game.

We're excited that Six Ages is going to be a new and engaging way to explore the richness and wonder of Glorantha, one of the most popular original game settings ever! To get a taste of Six Ages, check out the launch trailer!


Here's what David Dunham, creator of Six Ages and King of Dragon Pass says about the new game:

Goose People by Michelle Lockamy

We hope that Ride Like the Wind is the first in a series of six related games. You’ll be able to play them in any order, but the idea is that you can continue the story of a clan through the ages.

The designers of King of Dragon Pass, David Dunham and Robin D. Laws, have refined the classic game.

Compared to King of Dragon Pass, play is both simpler and richer. You’ll get to make more decisions in combat, and can appease an assortment of spirits as well as build shrines to your gods. You’ll explore an unknown land about four times as large, and can choose a special action to perform each year. Food production is less complex.

Of course, you will still have advisors with unique personalities, and will follow their stories over multiple generations. Your cows will show your prestige. And you’ll be able to visit the land of the gods.

We’re working hard to do the last final polish, so you’ll be able to enjoy the game at the end of the month!

We can't wait!