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Cults of Terror - PDF

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Nine Dangerous Deities for RuneQuest Roleplaying!

The bad guys of Glorantha: nine cults of the cruel and unusual, destined to enliven every campaign. Cults include PRIMAL CHAOS, MALLIA, BAGOG, THED, VIVAMORT, THANATAR, THE CRIMSON BAT, KRARSHT, and NYSALOR/GBAJI. Each cult has described cult myths, history, requirements for lay, Initiate, and RuneMaster membership, subservient and associate cults, and miscellaneous notes. There are now Rune spells, battle magics, skills, five new Runes, an expanded cult compatibility chart, full rules for nets, a pronunciation guide, the adventures of Lunar Initiate Paulis Longvale, and exciting mythical and historical essays by Greg Stafford. This book is fully compatible with RuneQuest classic edition; the concepts and descriptions in it can be used for any fantasy role-playing system.

This book is a companion to Cults of Prax. 

 Scorpion Man

Note: This is a fully-remastered product true to the original printing.

What The Critics Say

  • "In some ways, it's even superior to Cults of Prax, because much more is revealed about the myths, history, and cosmology of Glorantha."

    — Grognardia, Cults of Terror Retrospective.

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RuneQuest 2nd Edition
Year Released:
1981, 2016
Black and White PDF
Page Count:
Greg Stafford, Ken Kaufer, Anders Swenson, Charlie Krank, John Natzke, Sandy Petersen, Sean Summers, Paul Jaquays, Lynn Willis
Cover Artist:
Jennell Jaquays
Interior Artists:
Jennell Jaquays, Rick Becker