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Borderlands - PDF

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The Duke Returns to Prax!

A RuneQuest Campaign in Seven Scenarios

This is a completely remastered version of the Borderlands boxed set into a single PDF. 

The original boxed Borderlands supplement contained two referee’s booklets, seven separately bound scenarios, a 17”x 22” regional map, play-aids, and inserts.

The Referee’s Handbook contains notes on referee and player functions, regional history, cultural/ecological background for the peoples along the River of Cradles, short studies of Duke Raus of Rone (holder of the Weis Domain) and his family and servitors, geographical information, magical items, and generic statistics for natural animals and unnatural monsters in the area. This book tells the referee how the land lays, giving him, or her, plenty of ammunition with which to answer player questions and elbow room by which to alter scenarios or to create new ones.

The Seven Scenarios are arranged so that they form an extended adventure when played in sequence; any of them can be used individually with slight adjustments.

  • Scenario 1: Scouting the Land
  • Scenario 2: Outlaw Hunt
  • Scenario 3: Jezra’s Rescue
  • Scenario 4: Revenge of Muriah
  • Scenario 5: Five Eyes Temple
  • Scenario 6: Condor Crags
  • Scenario 7: To Giantland!

The Encounters Book contains the individual NPC statistics used in the scenarios as well as various encounter charts. Monsters or NPCs specific to particular scenarios will be found in those scenarios. Statistics for Raus, Daine, and Daryli can be found in the Referee’s Handbook.

The Raus Family

The map of The Domain in the Referee’s Handbook shows the extent of the duke’s River of Cradles holding, with the land to either side from Vulture’s Country to Horn Gate, and from below the Sun Dome temple to above Corflu. Routes of travel should be plotted using this map.

The play-aids at the end of this book include a copy of Daine’s Map and a copy of the map to the Fish Temple. A copy of the Duke’s Contract can be found in the Referee’s Handbook.

The book also includes designer's notes and a detailed index. The PDF is fully bookmarked, with a fully hyperlinked Table of Contents and Index.

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Map of the Borderlands
Map of the River of Cradles

What The Critics Say

  • "I can’t think of anything even remotely like Borderlands on the market in 1982. Certainly not something that accomplishes what it does so elegantly... Other games have caught up over the years, but few seem quite as magical to me as Borderlands. Maybe that’s because RuneQuest was something I only knew of from rumor as a kid and is fresh and new for me as an adult. But for my money, the sum of RuneQuest’s Prax campaigns (Borderlands, Pavis and The Big Rubble for Chaosium’s RuneQuest and River of Cradles, Strangers in Prax, Shadows on the Borderlands and Sun County for Avalon Hill) make up one of the richest game settings ever to be created and possibly yet to be rivaled."

    — Vintage RPG, Borderlands Review.

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Year Released:
2018 - Original Release
RuneQuest 2
Page Count:
Black & White PDF
Greg Stafford, John E. Boyle, Yurek Chodak, Tony Fiorito, Lisa Free, Mark Harmon, Reid Hoffman, Janet Kirby, Rudy Kraft, Charlie Krank, Steve Perrin, Sandy Petersen, Ken Rolston, Lynn Willis, Elizabeth Wolcott
Cover Artist:
Lisa Free
Interior Artist:
Lisa Free
William Church, Yurek Chodak