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'Grand Shaman of Games' demos Chaosium's new family game Khan of Khans

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 24th Jan 2017

If you were passing by the Chaosium booth at Gen Con last year, you might have been lucky enough to participate in a game demo with the 'Grand Shaman of Games' himself, Greg Stafford. We managed to get him to take a break from his legendary schedule to play a round or two of KHAN OF KHANS. He ended up demoing for lucky passers-by all afternoon!

(Greg says he is "pleased and flattered to have gaming genius Reiner Knizia create a game based on Glorantha"—Greg's own input to the game added Stampedes and helped us put a uniquely Gloranthan twist to the ten new cards in Dragon Pass location stacks, now included as a Stretch Goal)

Join the tribe by checking out Chaosium's new Kickstarter here:…/448…/khan-of-khans-family-game