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A Guide to the Mythic Fantasy World of Glorantha!

This systemless sourcebook can be used to enhance and support any fantasy roleplaying game of your choosing, including RuneQuestHeroQuest, and 13th Age Glorantha, and others. 

Chaosium Unveiled: Inside The Glorantha Sourcebook

Watch the unveiling video to see the book for yourself. Remember that you get the PDF when getting the physical copy.

The Glorantha Sourcebook is an essential resource for Greg Stafford’s world of Glorantha, one of the most extensively developed and renowned fantasy settings of all time. A world of mythology, gods, and heroes, Glorantha has inspired roleplaying games, board games, computer games, comics, fiction, and more, a setting beloved and revered worldwide.

An invaluable resource for gamemasters, players, and readers of fantasy worlds, this sourcebook is gorgeously illustrated and filled with informative maps and diagrams. Drawn from a variety of out-of-print and rare sources, this material has been dramatically revised, updated, and expanded. Alongside this foundational material are new essays, insights, and extrapolations on the world and its incredible denizens.

Inside this sourcebook, you’ll learn about the creation of the world; the main ages of its past; the history of Dragon Pass and its people; the pantheons of the gods, including the Lightbringer and Lunar pantheons; the Coming of Argrath; Elder Races such as the Elves, Dragonewts, Dwarves, and Trolls; genealogies of the major royal dynasties; legends and lore of the various tribes and peoples inhabiting Glorantha; the fundaments of Gloranthan magic and the Runes that shape the world; the history and gods of the mighty Lunar Empire; and finally, the Hero Wars!

The LightBringers

“Glorantha is my personal North Star as an author of vast fantasy game narratives… a sacred but unattainable goal.”
-- Ken Rolston, The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Oblivion.


The Glorantha Sourcebook covers the following subjects:

  • Geography: A basic overview of the geography of Glorantha.
  • History of Dragon Pass: A history of the central crossroads of Glorantha.
  • The Elder Races: A short overview of the main non-human species that predate humanity and once dominated the world.
  • Theogony: The story of the gods of Glorantha, primarily arranged by element (Darkness, Water, Earth, Fire, and Air).
  • Time: A history of Glorantha since the first Dawn.
  • Gods of the Lunar Way: The new gods of the Lunar religion.
  • Redline History of the Lunar Empire: A comprehensive history of the Lunar Empire since its founding and going until the early Hero Wars.
  • Gloranthan Magic: A short essay on the Gloranthan Runes, types of magic, and some theories about what is magic.
  • Gods and Mortals: An overview of gods, mortals, and those who straddle both worlds.
  • Sartar Magical Union: A list of the magical units that served Prince Argrath in his war against the Lunar Empire.
Map of the Golden Age

An Excellent Companion to the award-winning Guide to Glorantha!

What the Critics Say

"Drawing on long out-of-print sources, and including new materials, this belongs in the collection of new Glorantha fans and old timers alike… vividly told, beautifully illustrated, and inspirational."—Andrew Logan Montgomery, Exploring the Otherworlds of Fiction, Magic, and Gaming.

"Awesome…rich in detail. …Quite surprisingly, Chaosium has managed to produce an introductory book that is also interesting for veteran fans of Glorantha."—El Runeblogger (review is in English).

"Be it because you want to run a campaign, to expropriate concepts wholesale, to get inspiration, to pleasantly read as a fragmented novel before bed time, or to adorn your coffee table thanks to its stunning imagery, you want The Glorantha Sourcebook. Surprise; it also supports RuneQuest Glorantha which just came out! Not many roleplaying books can be purchased for such a broad range of uses."—Antonios S. review, RPG.Net.

"The Glorantha Sourcebook is an excellent introduction and guide, and probably the exact amount you’ll ever need to run your own Glorantha campaign. Perhaps best of all is the strong visual aesthetic, which mashes up the styles of many bronze age cultures. Glorantha has kind of lacked this in the past and having it now really breathes life into the world and fires the imagination."—Vintage RPG.

"The best most affordable introduction to the rich fantasy world of Glorantha so far."—Runeblogger review, RPG.Net.

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Greg Stafford, Jeff Richard, Michael O'Brien, Sandy Petersen
Jason Durall
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Jon Hodgson
Darya Makarava, Simon Bray, Colin Driver, Lawrence Keogh
Interior Artist(s):
Dan Barker, Bernard Bittler, Simon Bray, Antonia Doncheva, Jed Dougherty, Rich Fleider, Lisa Free, Merle Insinga, Kalin Kadiev, Jennifer Lange, Michelle Lockamy, Jan Pospíšil, Jakob Rebelka, John Snyder, Tom Sullivan, Eric Vanel
  • 5
    Inspiring world building in an amazing single volume

    Posted by Tim Clark on 31st Aug 2020

    I'm still reading The Glorantha Sourcebook as it warrants constant visits. The world is beautifully presented with sections that detail the geography, history, creatures, gods, time and magic of the overall world, Dragon Pass and the Lunar Empire. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Like the Guide, but Accessible!

    Posted by Joshua Elliott on 6th Aug 2018

    I love the Guide, but it's like reading a big chunk of Fraser or Jung. Full of Badass, but dense and monolithic. The Sourcebook is more in the line of a typical setting gamebook. Gives you a bunch of macro level details about the setting, and for most folks it's probably more than enough info for a lifetime of gaming. Not a lot is covered that isn't already somewhere in the guide...but I think that is a feature, not a drawback. Also, Greg Sharpied all over the cover of mine.

  • 5
    Great setting info to make your game come alive

    Posted by Ellie on 21st Jul 2018

    The Sourcebook is a wonderful companion to the core RQ:G rule book. It covers big picture concepts about Glorantha, enabling players and GMs alike to better grasp the magic, politics and timeline of the setting. While it's not as comprehensive as the Guide, it covers what you need to know to tie your game more richly into the setting, and is also a more approachable read.