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RuneQuest Companion - PDF

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THE COMPANION is a sourcebook of articles, stories, and pictures useful to or entertaining to RuneQuest referees and players alike; its wide variety of subjects and forms will stimulate new adventures in any campaign or fill up quiet evenings at home.

The Companion fills a void left by the demise of Wyrms Footnotes, a magazine dedicated at the last solely to RQ articles; it was then the best source for RQ rules variants and steadily published new Gloranthan arcana.

Frustratingly to many, the earliest issues of the Footnotes were never reprinted, so that only savvy collectors had access to important material for RuneQuest® and White Bear & Red Moon (since retitled Dragon Pass). The most RQ-pertinent of those essays and illustrations appear here.

But the majority of the Companion is new material* – a lot of research and writing has occurred since the first issues of WF in 1976!

Note: *This is a fully-remastered PDF true to the original printing (1983).

What The Critics Say

  • "What makes the Companion remarkable, though, is its diversity. Its pages aren't devoted to a single theme or topic. Instead, we're provided with articles and essays on many aspects of the game and its setting, with a particular emphasis on the latter."

    — Grognardia, Retrospective: RuneQuest Companion.

  • "For Runequest players, this package is a must-buy, both for its utility and its entertainment value."

    — Ken Rolston in Dragon #75 (July 1983), Dragon Reflections #75.

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Rule Set:
RuneQuest 2nd Edition
Year Released:
1983, 2019
Black & White PDF
Bill Johnson, Sherman Kahn, Alan LaVergne, Jim McCormick, Ron Nance, Sandy Petersen, Greg Stafford
Rick Becker, William Church, Gene Day, Kevin Ramos, Steve Swenston
Charlie Crank
Nicholas Nacario
Page Count: