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Playing RuneQuest

RuneQuest is a Bronze Age fantasy roleplaying game. Players create adventurers who explore an ancient world rich in magic.

If you are new to RuneQuest, the RuneQuest Starter Set includes an array of ready-to-play characters, a suite of pre-written adventures, as well as an introductory primer on the world of Glorantha, and the city of Jonstown⁠—everything you and your friends need to begin a new mythic adventure!

What you need to play RuneQuest

Red Book of Magic

Once you decide which player will be the Game Master, you’ll need:

For the best experience, we recommend the Game Master has a copy of the RuneQuest Gamemaster Screen Pack which is chock-full of handy materials that assist in running the game.


Play RuneQuest by yourself - for free!

Bison Charge

New to RuneQuest and the world of Glorantha? We have you covered!

The Battle of Dangerford is a free, solo adventure drawn directly from the RuneQuest Starter Set that introduces you to both the setting of RuneQuest as well as the game mechanics as you play!

While you can play The Battle of Dangerford with pen and paper using the RuneQuest Starter Set, or in your browser right now!

Get started right now! Play the The Battle of Dangerford!

Lunar Battlements

Start a New RuneQuest Campaign Today!

The Rainbow Mounds

Diving into Glorantha with a fresh RuneQuest campaign has never been easier!

The Getting Started with RuneQuest page on our website is a sure-fire way to get your players excited to begin an adventure in Glorantha.

Running and playing roleplaying games online has never been easier! We have a collection of tips, tricks, and advice that will get you playing RuneQuest anywhere, anytime! Check out our guide here!

Getting Started with RQ

Learning about Glorantha

Glorantha Overview

The setting of RuneQuest is an epic Bronze Age world like no other. Created by legendary game designer Greg Stafford, Glorantha is an amazingly deep fantasy world, drawing on many real-world influences and cultures. It has a rich and diverse history from which you can spin your own adventures for your RuneQuest characters.

Glorantha is a big world, but you can dive into some small slices to get started. What’s the best way?

  • The RuneQuest Starter Set includes a primer on the city of Jonstown, a bite-size piece of Glorantha, and has three adventures set ready to dive into this part of the world.
  • Similarly, the RuneQuest Gamemaster Screen Pack includes a primer on the town of Apple Lane, a settlement to the south of south of Jonstown, and the surrounding environs. It also includes three adventures that are perfect for kicking off a brand new campaign with new players.
  • The Red Book of Magic contains hundred of spells, as well as detailed explanations of the unique ways that magic manifests in Glorantha.
  • The Glorantha Sourcebook is an introductory guide to Glorantha. It is every RuneQuest player’s stepping stone into legend—a journey that continues with…

A Battle Ritual

The RuneQuest Wiki

Picture - The RuneQuest Wiki

The RuneQuest Wiki is a free resource for new and experienced RuneQuest gamers alike. It includes:

  • The core RuneQuest rules with basic skill and spell descriptions
  • A quick overview of Glorantha
  • A sample bestiary
  • Instructions on how to quickly create adventurers

Mobile-friendly, it is a useful reference at your gaming table.

RuneQuest Character Sheet Downloads

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