Journey to Jonstown #8 - new titles and a map guide to all scenarios published

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 7th Jun 2020

Here are most recent releases at the Jonstown Compendium

Vinga's Ford
Diana Probst, Beer With Teeth ($2.95, 19 page PDF)

This evening-length adventure is best played around the Apple Lane area, but contains notes on NPCs suitable for running it elsewhere in Dragon Pass. It also contains a vampire, a Vingan, and a duck. There are ghost trolls, spirit combat, and zombies.

Elgar's Blade: Part 2 of Red Deer Saga
Paul Baker ($10.00, 108 page PDF)

Part two of the Red Deer Saga, about the Namoldin Clan of the Malani tribe. Part one is White Stone Ruin, also available in the Jonstown Compendium. Part two includes maps and images for sites in pdf at larger scale.

Heortlings of Sartar
Akhelas, Austin Conrad ($1.00, 21 page PDF)

23 generic non-player characters, provided in a printer-friendly format for use at the game table, ranging in importance from minor Rune Masters and clan elders, to humble bandits, stickpickers and thralls. Part of this creator's 'Monster of Month' bestiary series.

More Zenith Counters by Dario Corallo

The Rough Guide to Glamour artist Dario Corallo has created a series of counters for play with Virtual Tabletops, and added Tusk Riders to the collection:

Tusk Riders
Dario Corallo ($4.52, 19 page PDF)

From the infamous Stinking Forest a band of Tusk Riders…

A Map Guide to the Jonstown Compendium

With so much excellent content in the Compendium already (and more being added every week), Jonstown Compendium contributor Nick Brooke has created a handy index to all the scenarios on offer, Jonstown Compendium RuneQuest Scenarios ($0.50, 5 page PDF). This index is regularly updated; the most recent update (May 28) now includes a map showing the location of every scenario published in the Jonstown Compendium to date!

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