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ENnies voting is live: we need your support, and your votes!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 11th Jul 2018

ENnies Nominations 2018The ENnies 2018 Voting is Live!

Chaosium fans—we need your support, and your votes!

The following RuneQuest-Glorantha releases are up for awards:

  • BEST FREE PRODUCT - RuneQuest Quickstart
  • BEST FAMILY PRODUCT - Khan of Khans

And the following Call of Cthulhu releases:

  • BEST ADVENTURE: The Two-Headed Serpent
  • BEST ART COVER - Down Darker Trails
  • BEST MONSTER/ADVERSARY - Down Darker Trails
  • BEST PRODUCTION VALUES: The Grand Grimoire
  • BEST SUPPLEMENT: Reign of Terror

And please also vote for Chaosium as FAN FAVOURITE PUBLISHER

Please cast your votes here:

In addition to voting for Chaosium at the 2018 ENnies please support our Call of Cthulhu licensees & friends!
  • Darker_Hue Studios for Harlem Unbound
  • Stygian Fox Publishing for Hudson & Brand
  • The Miskatonic University Podcast for their podcast