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13th Age Glorantha Update: printed books are on their way!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 27th Jun 2018

Here's 13th Age Glorantha authors Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet holding up a printer's proof copy of 13G that Chaosium passed on at Origins. Rob says, "We knew it was big. And now we know it's beautiful!"

Rob has just updated 13th Age Glorantha Kickstarter backers to say:

Earlier this month, both 13th Age Glorantha and the Glorantha Sourcebook were printed and shipped out from China towards warehouses in the US, UK, and Australia. The books were en route early in June, and we know the journey takes a bit more than a month. We don't have a definite ETA yet, but if all goes well with customs, we'll be able to run an update in July with a solid timeline.

Oh! And before I sign off, I wanted to mention that the stand-alone sequel to King of Dragon Pass is coming out in a couple days. Check out Six Ages: Ride like the Wind for a storytelling iOS Glorantha game that will enrich any roleplayer's palette!