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Horror on the Orient Express: the Journey is about end

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 9th Nov 2017

Horror on the Orient ExpressChaosium would like to advise we are down to our last stocks of the ENnie Award winning epic campaign box Horror on the Orient Express

This massive and legendary Call of Cthulhu campaign, taking Investigators from 1920s London to Paris and thence to Constantinople, has captivated Keepers and Investigators world-wide.

We have limited copies available in our UK warehouse, and even fewer in our US warehouse. 

The Orient Express will doubtless commence its horrific journey again some day in a new edition, but if you're after the current campaign in the box, we suggest you don't delay!

Order your copy here: Horror on the Orient Express (comes with PDF included)

Please note: we regretfully announce Horror on the Orient Express is no longer in stock in our Australian warehouse—incredible demand at the recent PAX Aus booth cleaned us out of our remaining copies.

Interior Array - Horror on the Orient Express