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Greg Stafford's King Arthur Pendragon RPG returns to Chaosium ownership

Posted by Michael O'Brien on

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 – For immediate release

Chaosium Inc, original publishers of Greg Stafford's King Arthur Pendragon roleplaying game, will once again become the owners and publishers of the game, it was announced today.

All rights to KAP and the Prince Valiant story-telling game have been transferred from the ownership of Nocturnal Media to Chaosium.

Greg Stafford, founder of Chaosium and creator of both games, passed away in October this year. The return of these titles to Chaosium has the blessing of Greg Stafford's wife Suzanne and his children.

Steve Wieck speaking for Nocturnal Media on the transition of Pendragon back to Chaosium:

"There’s a story behind this story. In the early 1990’s, the staff of Chaosium were celebrating with a feast at Mader’s Restaurant in Milwaukee after a successful Gen Con. At the table next to them, the White Wolf staff also feasted on haunches of meat and steins of beer. My brother Stewart and Mark Rein Hagen, founders of White Wolf, stood and toasted Greg Stafford and the Chaosium crew, “Hail to Chaosium, the pioneers, the seers, the shamans, who ignited the flame of storytelling in our roleplaying hobby”, and the White Wolf table cheered their respect.

Naturally, one cannot possibly out-do Greg Stafford, the creator of Pendragon, in matters of feasting etiquette. Thus Greg rose and toasted back with supreme humility, “We were merely keeping the fire lit through the cold, dark night, for we heard in the distance the howl of the wolf and knew the wolf would come to turn the flame to a bonfire.”

It would be years later that White Wolf would end up acquiring Greg’s King Arthur Pendragon game (which had already travelled from Chaosium to Green Knight Publishing). And still later, after White Wolf merged with CCP, ownership of the Pendragon game travelled back to Stewart’s new company Nocturnal Media. Stewart immediately started collaborating with Greg to publish a new edition and supplemental material for the game.

Then both Stewart and Greg passed, and it’s been a bit of a cold, dark night. Those of us who remain at Nocturnal have tried to keep the Pendragon fire lit through the night, publishing new KAP supplements and the Paladin game, but it’s clear that for the fire to become a bonfire, the wheel should turn full circle and Pendragon return to its origin, return to Chaosium. We pass the torch to our friends at Chaosium, knowing that greatness awaits. The Boy King is ready to become a Conqueror. Long live the King."


Earlier this year at Gen Con it was announced that Chaosium was assisting Nocturnal Media in release and distribution of its products, and would help with the fulfilment of several of its Kickstarters. That assistance will continue.

Going forward, KAP and Prince Valiant titles will be available from, and at Chaosium's page at DriveThruRPG. David Larkins, who Greg Stafford announced as his KAP line editor at Gen Con this year, continues in this role, now working for Chaosium.

KAPD 5.2 Cover

About the King Arthur Pendragon RPG:
KAP is Greg Stafford's award-winning Arthurian roleplaying game. As players you take on the role of knights following the chivalric code. It introduced traits and passions that reward players acting as virtuous knights as they compete for glory. Known for its innovative game design, King Arthur Pendragon integrates seasonal adventures where players are able to experience running not only a knight, but later, their children in long epic campaigns.

About Prince Valiant:
Prince Valiant® The Storytelling Game is Greg Stafford's storytelling game set in the Arthurian world of Hal Foster’s masterpiece comic strip. Prince Valiant features deliberately simple mechanics to make it more accessible to younger players. The ease of play allows players to cooperate and enjoy the social activity of collectively creating a story, a pastime made easier as players take turns as the Storyteller.

About Chaosium:
Chaosium was founded by visionary game designer Greg Stafford in 1975. For more than forty years, Chaosium has captivated gamers, readers, and mythic adventurers worldwide. Its award-winning roleplaying games, board games, and fiction have been acclaimed as some of the most engaging and innovative of all time.

About Nocturnal Media:
Nocturnal Media was established in 2010 to publish roleplaying games, card game and board games, always emphasizing engaging stories, striking settings, and creative mechanics.

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