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Don't forget, in RuneQuest when adventurers are slaughtered or run screaming, the Monsters get experience rolls too...

Posted by Michael O'Brien on

Sage advice from the "Grand Shaman of Games" Greg Stafford, way back in 1978*. 

Come and check out the new Chaosium edition of RuneQuest in its Twitch TV premiere, May 28th at 8PM EST! Presented by Encounter Roleplay.

*"The RuneQuest RPG deliberately eschews the concept that the player characters are “good” and the monsters they encounter are necessarily “evil”. In his earliest published adventures, Greg Stafford pointed out to Game Masters that if the adventurers turn and flee screaming, to not forget that the monsters get experience rolls too. In other words, the creatures they encounter have their own lives, motivations and connections, and intelligent ones have societies and cultures. This was ground breaking for the early days of RPGs, where even “good” characters seemed to just go round a dungeon killing monsters and taking their stuff."
—Chaosium vice president Michael O'Brien, interview by Jane Routely.

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Updated Statement About Horrors of War Kickstarter

Adam Scott Glancy has recently been in touch with Chaosium about his Horrors of War Kickstarter. As we previously updated (Aug 31, 2017), when we met last year he gave Gen Con 2018 as the date for completion, but has now informed us he will miss that deadline. However, he says he will offer backers a subsidiary [...]

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Exciting news! Encounter Roleplay to stream the Premiere Twitch Event of RuneQuest—May 28th at 8pm EST!

Exciting news - Encounter Roleplay will be streaming the Premiere Twitch Event of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha—May 28th at 8pm EST!Featuring the roleplaying talents of @bluejay_712, @therealjimdavis, @JPruInc, @EncounterRP and Chaosium's own @richaje!Watch here: up here to get special pre-release RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Gloranthanews and goodies!

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Call of Cthulhu, Live RPG Plus-style!

An all-star party live-audience adventure and extravaganza of Call of Cthulhu at UK Games Expo!Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu line editor Mike Mason is one of the special guests in Syrinscape's very special game of Call of Cthulhu, Live RPG Plus-style!Other players include Pathfinder’s Jason Bulman and Amanda Hamon Kunz, Knightmare Live's Paul Flannery and Munchkin’s John Kovalic, with [...]

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Unnatural Selections: Recent Chaosium Reviews of Note #6 - "the Pepsi of RPG franchises"

Call of Cthulhu - the definitive horror RPG"Call of Cthulhu is now the Pepsi of RPG franchises, alongside D&D’s Coke, and the game’s success is part of the revival of Lovecraft and Lovecraftian fiction."—Paul StJohn Mackintosh, The Legacy of Lovecraft in greydogtales."The stars are right for the best edition of the best role-playing game in the [...]

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Three nominations for Call of Cthulhu in 2018 UK Games Expo Awards!

The shortlist has just been released for the UK Games Expo Awards, and we're pleased to see three recent Call of Cthulhu releases are in contention:NOMINATION FOR BEST ROLEPLAYING ADVENTURE The Two-Headed SerpentReign of TerrorNOMINATION FOR BEST ROLEPLAYING EXPANSION Down Darker TrailsThere were 200 entries to the awards, to produce a short list of 3 games per category chosen. At [...]

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Miskatonic Monday: four new titles - an adventure, an update, a sequel, and an all new genre for Call of Cthulhu

Four new titles on the Miskatonic Repository: an adventure, an update, a sequel, and an all new genre for Call of Cthulhu:Anime Punk - A New Genre for Call of Cthulhu by Carl Matthews ($10.00, 32 page PDF)"Whether you like your anime with demons and supernatural elements or just straight up modern dystopia in your Cyberpunk [...]

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Jeff Richard and Kalin Kadiev are guests at the Eternal Convention this weekend

This weekend, Chaosium creative director Jeff Richard and Glorantha artist extraordinaire Kalin Kadiev (Prince of Sartar webcomic, 13th Age Glorantha, The Glorantha Sourcebook, Wyrms Footnotes) are attending The Eternal Convention at Burg Stahleck, the gloriously picturesque 12th century castle overlooking the Rhine, Germany.The Eternal Convention is a long-running international and family friendly RPG Convention with 50% foreign guests from about [...]

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Chaosium releases nominated for three 2018 Origins Awards

We are delighted three Chaosium products are nominees in the 2018 Origins Awards!The Grand Grimoire (nominated for Best RPG Supplement)The Two-Headed Serpent (nominated for Best RPG Supplement)Call of Cthulhu The Coloring Book (nominated for Best Game Accessory)The Origins Awards are presented by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design to reward excellence in game design. [...]

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We've sold out all our events at Gen Con, so we now need more GMs!

With 80 days to go to Gen Con 2018, Chaosium has 3/5ths of the GMs we need to cover out commitment. That's right on par with our recruitment efforts last year. Awesome!Of our 500+ table-hours, we sold nearly every ticket in just three days after event registration opened—all but two events now are down to [...]

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