Beyond the Mountains of Madness PDF

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An Epic Antarctic Campaign & Sourcebook

Little by little they rose grimly into the western sky; allowing us to witness the various bare, bleak, and blackened the reddish Antarctic lights against the provocative background of iridescent ice-dust clouds. In the whole spectacle there was a persistent, pervasive hint of stupendous secrecy and potential revelation....I could not help feeling that they were evil things — mountains of madness whose farther slopes looked out over some accursed ultimate abyss.

H. P. Lovecraft


The scientific world was amazed by reports from the 1931 Miskatonic University expedition into uncharted Antarctica. The entire world was shocked by the tragedy which followed. Now a new larger expedition will brave the mysteries of the icy continent. How credible were Miskatonic University reports of fossilized remains of ancient life forms predating all known terrestrial life? Will your expedition return in glory or tragedy? This massive book includes considerable source material on the Frozen Continent, the equipment of the time, and even expedition planning. This is a roleplaying sequel to Lovecraft&#39s classic tale, "At the Mountains of Madness", of unimaginable scale. Over 400 pages of pure adventure!

THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE BOOK. By Charles and Janyce Engan, et. al.; Illustrated by Paul Carrick, M. Wayne Miller, Michael Blum; Cover by John T. Snyder. 440 pages, illustrated, indexed. 8.5 x 11" downloadable watermarked PDF book with cover images, created from electronic production files.

ISBN 1-56882-138-7

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Call of Cthulhu 5.5, best with the current edition
Digital PDF
Page Count:
Charles and Janyce Engan
Cover Artist:
John T. Snyder
Interior Artists:
Paul Carrick, M. Wayne Miller, Michael Blum
  • 5
    One of the Best Campaigns

    Posted by Allen Ruch on 7th Sep 2017

    This is simply one of the best Call of Cthulhu campaigns ever published. The level of research and detail on the subject is fantastic, producing an epic game that transports the players to another time and place. More than just an historical exercise, BMM captures the sense of magnificent scale found in Lovecraft’s novella, and adds to the Mythos in a way generally only found in the best Mythos fiction. Designed for committed and imaginative players, the campaign unfolds in a slow-burn to eventually reach an apocalyptic pitch, and the mid-game twists are designed to test even the most intrepid group of characters. My only critique in that Beyond the Mountains of Madness has a few Edgar Allan Poe and John Campbell-based side-plots which were clearly left unfinished. Although the main campaign stands squarely on its own, I feel a revised version could develop these intriguing ideas more fully. And a note on the price: Considering that is selling the out-of-print book version of this campaign for $1200, this $20 PDF is quite a reasonable bargain! A note to Keepers downloading this campaign. I ran BMM in 2007–2008, and have placed several suggestions, additions, and expansions online at if you are interested.