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Modern Struggles Against Hidden Powers

"Who is among us? Who? I cannot utter a blessing while he is here. I cannot feel one. Where he treads, the earth is parched! Where he breathes, the air is fire! Where he feeds, the food is poison! Where he turns, his glance is lightning! Who is among us?

— Melmoth the Wanderer

Three mini-campaigns set in modern New York State lead investigators through serial murder investigations, madness, and into the middle of an ancient conflict between bitter rivals. Along the way investigators will be aided by mysterious allies, face the Cult of the Sacred Light and the Black Brotherhood, and confront immortal horrors beyond time and space. These three scenarios can be combined to form a modern NY State campaign.

Winner of the Origins Award for Best Role-Playing Game Adventure of 2001.

What Reviewers are Saying about Unseen Masters:

"A novel can be rich in detail, but that richness is limited by the one story that the author chooses to tell. A book like Unseen Masters has to provide that richness for many possible storylines that are created by the players. I'm impressed by the depth and breadth of Ballon's invention."
— Bruce Holland Rogers, Nebula Award Winning Author

" I recommend Unseen Masters for everyone. Fascinating book. There's so much more to it than I ever expected. It's a worthy candidate in the Other Media category of the Bram Stoker Award."
— Brian A. Hopkins, Bram Stoker Award Winning Author

"What a strange, fantastic book. Old HPL would be spellbound by it."
— Ed Gorman, Shamus, Spur and International Fiction Writer Awards Winning Author 

"In Unseen Masters, winner of the 2001 Mary Seeman Award, Bruce Ballon has created a 'Master'piece! His psychiatric expertise and insight into mental illness, and the criminal mind, and his love of the horror genre, combined with his extensive knowledge of the 'Dark Forces', not only in the present day but throughout history, with which we share our world make UM a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Rich, fascinating, and chilling, this extraordinary book elevates the concept of 'role-playing' to a unique new level, to an art form. Bravo Dr. Ballon! "
— Diana Barron Author of 'Phantom'

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5th Edition Call of Cthulhu
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Bruce Ballon
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Matt Harpold
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Paul Carrick, Drashi Khendup