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Nephilim Gamemasters Companion - PDF

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Indispensible Resources for the Nephilim Gamemaster

This book contains a number of resources useful to the Nephilim gamemaster. It starts out with a history, outlining the Nephilim&#39s perspective on the entire breadth of universal history, from the big bang to Today.

Further sections cover:

  • The secret history of the Nephilim, composing a timeline from the beginnign fo the universe to the end of the world as we know it.
  • Rules for Artifacts and Sentient Relics of amazing power.
  • A bestiary of new elemental creatures.
  • Gamemaster&#39s advice on starting and running a Nephilim campaign.
  • Advice on plotting Nephilim scenarios and creating useful and interesting gamemaster character opponents.
  • Guidelines on using a simple Tarot reading to create Nephilim adventurers and flesh out characters.
  • Detailed San Francisco Bay Area campaign setting.

Note: This is a Bookmarked Scan of the original printed product

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Occult roleplaying across the ages.

Year Released:
1st Edition Nephilim
Page Count:
Black & White PDF Scan
Shannon Appel, Adrian Czajkowski, Kenneth Hite, Ross Isaacs, Eric Rowe, Sam Shirley, Greg Stafford, Ian Young
Cover Artist:
Sam Shirley
Interior Artists:
Heather McKinney, Amit Mukherjee