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Nephilim Gamemasters Veil - PDF

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Including the Astrological Modifier Wheel, Weapons Summary, and the adventure "Temple of the Ancients."

The Nephilim Gamemaster's Veil provides the gamemaster and players with tools that help make playing Nephilim easier. The Gamemaster Screen collects the important information used during play in a convenient format, complete with page references. The Celestial Alignment Wheel simplifies what is probably the most complex portion of the game: determining the appropriate magical modifier based on the positions of the planets, the month, and the day of the week — an easy spin of the wheel dials up the correct modifier. The thirteen-page scenario presents an introductory tale introducing many of the essential concepts of the Nephilim roleplaying game. An expanded weapons list gives many new weapons for the game, including historical weapons and explosives.

Note: This is a Bookmarked Scan of the original printed product

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A Nephilim product.

Occult roleplaying across the ages.

Year Released:
1st Edition Nephilim
Page Count:
Black and White PDF Scan
Judy Routt, Liam Routt, Mark Morrison
Cover Artist:
Charlie Krank, Sam Shirley
Graphic Design:
Sam Johnson, Matthew Kaplan, Sam Innabinet