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The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories - Hardcover

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Into the Wild

The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories contains ready-to-play adventures for RuneQuest, taking adventurers across the untamed South Wilds, a region filled with reclusive villagers, ancient ruins, beast folk, troll spirits, undead, wolf-brothers, dinosaurs, monstrous mercenary companies, living trees, surly river spirits, and worse!

Chaosium Unveiled: Inside The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories

Watch the unveiling video to see the book for yourself. Remember that you get the PDF when getting the physical copy.

Feather Horse Queen

Inside, you’ll find:

  • The South Wilds, a description of this dangerous, mysterious region
  • The Wild Temple, the secrets of this sacred Beast Man shrine and its inhabitants
  • The Smoking Ruin, a full-length adventure taking adventurers into haunted streets of the Smoking Ruin in search of a lost artifact
  • The Lost Valley, a secluded refuge hotly contested over by its neighbors
  • Urvantan’s Tower, a full-length adventure in which the fate of the Lost Valley is decided
  • The Grove of Green Rock, a serialized adventure taking place over a span of years

The Smoking Ruin map

This product requires RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha to play.

What The Critics Say

  • "There is a line on the dust jacket of the Guide to Glorantha that reads; ‘Glorantha is the technicolor cure for bland, pseudo-medieval generic fantasy.’  Normally when you read something like this, you can be forgiven for thinking it is self-aggrandizing, pretentious crap.  Not in this case.  If you have any doubts, all you need do is look at exhibit A, The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories.  Seriously.  You can open to any random page and find proof that--yes Toto--you aren't in Thedas, or Middle-earth, or Faerûn any more."

    — Andrew Logan Montgomery, Exploring the Otherworlds of Fiction, Magic, and Gaming.

  • "Buy, prepare, and play immediately; do not let it linger on your bookshelf... Both setting and system deliver on everything they promised. The backstories go deep into the core of the adventures, the challenges are unique, the flavour is one-of-a-kind, the colours are vibrant, and the smells are breathtaking."

    — Antonios S., RPGNet Review.

  • "The wait has definitely been worth it. The three scenarios it contains are all begging to be played..."

    — Reviews from R'lyeh, Review - Smoking Ruin and Other Stories.

  • "The Smoking Ruin is fantastic and a prime example of why RuneQuest is such a special roleplaying game - 8.5/10."

    — The Gaming Gang, RuneQuest: The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories Reviewed.

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Rule Set:
4th Edition Chaosium RuneQuest
Year Released:
Full Color Hardcover
Page Count:
Christopher Klug, Steve Perrin, Jeff Richard, Greg Stafford, Jason Durall
Cover Artist:
Andrey Fetisov
Interior Artists:
Dimitrina Angelska, Antonia Doncheva, Jon Hodgson, Jennifer Lange, Pat Loboyko, Eli Maffei, Magdalena Mieszczak, Sara Otterstätter, Scott Purdy, Corey Trego-Erdner, Chris Waller
Olivier Sanfilippo, Tobias Tranell
Simeon Cogswell, Rick Meints, Malcolm Wolter
  • Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star 5

    Posted by Dom Twist on 18th Aug 2020

    First up this book is gorgeous and feels really well made. Really feels like it will last. The art is great and is subject accurate...a real difference to many game books where decent to very good file art is used that bares little resemblance to the text. This has obviously been commissioned either for this book or for Glorantha in general. Now onto the content. This book is amazingly useful for a couple of reasons. First off it ties into the GM pack adventure book that comes with the GM shield and together they give a mini campaign that will have new and old Players and Gm's busy for many sessions. Second it covers a chunk of the Grazelands. This is turf that's really not been covered much before and is really useful. I had a couple of Grazer PC's and this was brilliant for them. I'm a busy person so I haven't had time to write all my own material. This book, the Gm shield pack and the Pegasus Plateau book give weeks, months even. The Long Valley sandbox alone could be the subject of an entire campaign!

  • Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star 5
    Great product

    Posted by Jorge Alonso-Colmenares Gualda on 18th Aug 2020

    The smokings ruins are a great piece. Potencially many seassons only with this adventure ( in my case 6) and the rest are really good too. Information on the beast valley and the Grazelands. Its a must

  • Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Empty Star 4
    Really engaging scenarios

    Posted by Tim Clark on 18th Aug 2020

    Brings a small part of Glorantha and a beautiful book to add to the collection

  • Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star 5
    The start of two glorious RuneQuest campaigns

    Posted by Nick Brooke on 18th Aug 2020

    I was fortunate to be able to playtest Chris Klug's scenario "The Smoking Ruin," and used it to start two RuneQuest campaigns in 2018. The scenario took us three all-day gaming sessions to complete, and at the end of it both my groups (a mix of RuneQuest/Glorantha veterans and total newcomers) were hooked, and wanted to keep playing in this fascinating world. You're even more fortunate, because now you have this beautifully-illustrated edition containing even more scenarios and locations in the western wilderness of Dragon Pass.

  • Full Star Full Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star 2
    Very disapointing.

    Posted by Alain Bourgeois on 17th Aug 2020

    Very disapointing indeed. Urvantan's Tower is good, hinting at unheard of sorcery; Fetisov's cover is striking (as always), some creatures and NPCs are interesting but The Grove of Green Rock was already seen in RQIII Elder Secrets and The Smoking Ruins is fairly bland with forty pages of it only dedicated to the journey to the place.