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The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories - PDF

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Magic and myth await in RuneQuest: The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories!

Chaosium Unveiled: Inside The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories

Watch the unveiling video to see the book for yourself. Remember that you get the PDF when getting the physical copy.

What’s Inside?

RuneQuest: The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories contains 7 adventures, taking your RuneQuest adventurers from ghoul-haunted catacombs, across the arid wastes of Prax, and to the pinnacle of the Pegasus Plateau!

Numbered Map of the Pegagus Plateau Area

The Adventures

The Pegasus Plateau

The adventurers are called to a holy festival of special games—and their mettle will be tested with the taming of a majestic hippogriff!

The Grey Crane

The adventurers find themselves in conflict with a legion of Lunar Tarsh soldiers who are in pursuit of a magical cloak once worn by the sacred defender of a remote village.

The Pegasus Plateau

A small remote town is menaced by a strange and terrible threat from a past age—an animated war chariot bent on carnage!

Crimson Petals

An unsolved murder and a lingering curse? Only the adventurers can free the village from the consequences of both.

Gloomwillow’s Hollow

The adventurers delve deep into a haunted forest—realm of the ghoul-king Brangbane and his monstrous kind.

The Ruin on the Stream

The adventurers have the opportunity to learn from an especially enigmatic teacher, so long as they can navigate an ancient and forgotten place in Glorantha.

The Pairing Stones

Upon the deserts of Prax, the adventurers must intervene when a wedding between the scions of two tribes goes horribly awry.

A group of traders from Prax

New Gamemaster Tools

RuneQuest: The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories also includes new gamemaster tools, allowing you to tailor your own bespoke adventures.

Worshippers at an earth temple

The Locaem Tribe

A Satarite tribe whose presence looms across many of the scenarios in this book is detailed for both player and gamemaster use.

Renekot’s Hope

A locale with a mix of opportunities and problems. A place where adventurers might find solace from violence and war.

What The Critics Say

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Rule Set:
4th Edition Chaosium RuneQuest
Year Released:
Full Color PDF
Page Count:
Jason Brick, Rachael Cruz, Steffie de Vaan, Jason Durall, Helena Nash, Steve Perrin, Diana Probst, Jeff Richard, Dom Twist, John Wick
Cover Artist:
Andrey Fetisov
Interior Artists:
Dimitrina Angelska, Dominik Derow, Antonia Doncheva, Andrey Fetisov, Elena Herrero, Jennifer Lange, Michelle Lockamy, Eli Maffei, Sarah Miller, Naomi Robinson, Valentina Romagnoli, Simon Roy, Cory Trego-Erdner
Simeon Cogswell, Matt Ryan, Olivier Sanfilippo, Tobias Tranell
Simeon Cogswell
  • Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star 5
    Another great addition to the collection

    Posted by Tim Clark on 6th Oct 2020

    A great collection of varied scenarios and settings. Beautifully presented and stunning artwork as always. Looking forward to getting the physical copy in the near future.

  • Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star 5
    Great adventures easily to use in any campaing

    Posted by Jorge Alonso-Colmenares Gualda on 18th Aug 2020

    This was a great piece, all the content it's useful. Really happy with the product.

  • Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star 5
    Another class product

    Posted by Darren Page-Mitchell on 5th Jun 2020

    Couldn't wait to get this and not disappointed. Great artwork and nice scenarios. Will set the scene for those new to the setting and will delight those who have played for years. Another class product.