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Secrets of Morocco - PDF

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Eldritch Explorations in the Ancient Kingdom

This book provides players with a civil, geographical, cultural, political, and Mythos tour of Morocco during the 1920s and 1930s. Morocco will seem like another world, with its cultural differences and its customs being foreign to many Westerners of the 1920s.

The country is vast, and not every city can be covered in depth. This supplement details the political capital, Rabat, the economic capital, Casablanca, as well as Marrakech, one of Morocco’s grandest cities. It provides broad outlines and maps for several other cities.

Morocco is a country of many languages and cultures. Some of the earliest settlements date back to the 12th century B.C. The earliest of these, a port city named Lixus, appears to have been settled by both Berbers and Phoenicians. In the 1920s and 1930s, the Spanish and French control the whole of the nation, while the majority of its native inhabitants find their overlords alien. Investigators of the 1920s are quite likely to experience culture shock, unless they have traveled in such areas previously. The keeper should take advantage of this whenever possible. Exposing investigators to the sights, smells, sounds, and practices of human cities can be as adventurous as the exploration of unknown cities.

The best way to use this book is as a reference for scenarios or campaigns set in North Africa. Secrets of Morocco covers several sites, including Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, the Rif and Atlas mountains regions, and the Sahara.

THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE BOOK. By William Jones. Cover art by Malcolm McClinton, Interior Artwork: Dean Kuhta, Bryan Reagan, Eric Smith. 128 pages, 8.5 x 11" downloadable watermarked PDF book with cover images, created from electronic production files.

ISBN 1-56882-249-9

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6th Edition Call of Cthulhu
Digital PDF
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William Jones
Cover Artist:
Malcolm McClinton
Interior Artists:
Dean Kuhta, Bryan Reagan, Eric Smith
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    A good product

    Posted by Rick Smith on 1st Apr 2023

    This is a better than average product, but not great. It tempts me to place adventures in Morocco, and that is a key metric of success. The history and art are good. Several of the NPC's are evocative. The two included adventures are good. The editing is uneven and there are grammar and spelling mistakes. e.g. scene instead of seen. More troubling, several mythos creatures seem just 'dropped in', with no explanation of how they were missed for centuries. My major wish was that there was more detail, more adventures, and more flavour. The book is tightly written, and I'm sure that if the author had more pages, the book would be better. Recommended. Warm regards, Rick.