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The Mythos Comes to Jane Austen’s England!

Chaosium Unveiled: Inside Regency Cthulhu

Watch the unveiling video to see the book for yourself. Remember that you get the PDF when getting the physical copy.

Regency England: a time of social niceties, grand balls, romantic intrigues, and disappointments—as described in the novels of Jane Austen. Through the lens of the Cthulhu Mythos, horrors weave themselves into the hearts of everyday Georgians—from the richest to the poorest.

What's Inside

Regency Cthulhu: Dark Designs in Jane Austen’s England is a historical sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu.

The Regency Era Come To Life

Regency Cthulhu - Chapter 1

Details and history of Regency-era England (1811-1820), that help bring this unique period to life at your tabletop. Included are new rules for creating special, Regency-era Investigators, along with new skills and occupations unique to this slice of history.

Explore the Regency-era with the new mechanic: Reputation. Measure the standing of your Investigator amongst others in high society, and watch it rise and fall as you play!

Regency - Reputation

The Town of Tarryford

Regency Cthulhu - Chapter 2

Uncover the dark secrets at the heart of the town of Tarryford: twisted horrors that have lain dormant for centuries now seek to burst forth into England. A detailed primer on Tarryford gives a beginning or seasoned Keeper everything they need to use the town as a setting for their Call of Cthulhu games in both 1813 and 1913.

Regency - Dancing

Scenarios, Maps, & Handouts

Regency Cthulhu - Chapter 4

Two scenarios designed to introduce players to the Regency-era take place in the town of Tarryford in the year 1813. The scenarios can be linked together, played as one-shots, or used as the foundation for a Regency-era campaign of your own design. Also included are detailed maps and player handouts, as well as 6 pre-generated Call of Cthulhu Investigators, and 6 Pulp Cthulhu Investigators.

The Duel

Downloads for this Product

Keeper Reference Booklet
NPC Portraits
Keeper Map Pack
Player Maps and Handouts
Plain Text Handouts

Regency Cthulhu Blank Character Sheets

Regency Cthulhu - Standard - Color
Regency Cthulhu - Standard - Greyscale
Regency Cthulhu - Pulp - Color
Regency Cthulhu - Pulp - Greyscale

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Year Released:
Full Color Hardcover
Page Count:
Andrew Peregrine, Lynne Hardy
Cover Artist:
Riley Spalding
Interior Artists:
Carlos Cara Álvarez, Alberto Bontempi, J B Casacop, Tyler Clark, James Denton, Andrey Fetisov, Emilien Francois, Doruk Golcu, Kali Huisse, Kurt Komoda, Jeff Kristian, Anh Le, Amanda Lee
Interior Artists (Continued):
Indre Lelertaviciute, Mitch Mueller, Cristian C. Otazu, Mirco Paganessi, Vincenzo Sirianni, Dimitar Spasov, Sam Turner, Kim Van Deun, Chris Waller
Miska Fredman, Alida Saxon
Nicholas Nacario
Matt Ryan
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    A good standard Chaosium Call of Cthulhu release, but I have expected something else

    Posted by stadi on 20th Nov 2022

    As a standard Chaosium Call of Cthulhu release, this is a good one. It has all the great things we have seen lately and what I expect from them: Great Layout Interesting background / setting information Adventures Interesting pregens Pulp options But this should not have been a standard Call of Cthulhu release. I’m not a Regency fan, but my wife is one. This is a topic / setting that would probably get a lot of people who are fans of that era / literature / movies / tv-show into the game. My idea was to use this to introduce my wife to Call of Cthulhu and use it for one-on-one games. And this is where this fails. It includes two adventures which seem interesting enough, but are too complicated. The first one is supposed to be the short / easy one, but that is still too complex and long for this use-case. I would have liked to see more but shorter adventures, maybe 4-5 of them, something similar in complexity to Gateways to Terror or Doors to Darkness. Something that lets you introduce new players (even keepers) to Call of Cthulhu and / or the Regency Horror genre. Short but interconnected adventures, maybe getting longer and more complex as we go on, but they should have culminated somewhere like the first adventure. You should have kept these two for a separate release instead. Even though the scenario introduction structure is detailed, I still would have liked a better introduction to the scenarios, some kind of summary that gives you the gist of it and tells you what would ideally happen in the scenario, before getting into details. I will be bold and go another step. I would have even liked some kind of cinematic scene-based scenario structure for this book.