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Threshold to Danger

An Episodic Campaign: History, People, Adventure

Exploits along the River of Cradles

PAVIS is the first city base intended exclusively for RuneQuest players. Its neighborhood maps are indexed for the services adventurers need - armorers, temples, and so on. Gimpy's, an excellent inn, is fully described, as a city politico-religious groupings and prominent personalities.

Pavis Book Covers

Background includes a chronology, historical essays, maps, and the cults of Flintnail, Lanbril, Zola Fel, and Pavis. There is an elaborate plan and description of the downriver Sun Dome temple complex. New Pavis is described neighborhood by neighborhood, and street by street, with a wealth of information on shops, taverns, training centers, temples, and camps. 

Of the three scenarios, Welcome to the City situates the characters and introduces Lunar officialdom; this multi-session scenario is matched by The Cradle, another multi-session adventure about the first giant cradle to appear in 700 years: characters battle mass-magics to try to stop or to help the cradle on its way - a glorious struggle which will be sung of for a hundred years. Raus House Robbery is a more compact adventures offering a play range from 2-3 hours to perhaps two evenings. Encounters, full stats, and dozens of scenario hooks help gamemasters create many more adventures. 

The book also includes designer's notes, a retrospective epilogue, and a detailed index. The PDF is fully bookmarked, with a fully hyperlinked Table of Contents and Index.

Panoramic Map of New Pavis

Play this with Big Rubble, the matching Campaign

Big Rubble Cover

Pavis is a companion to Big Rubble, which details the ruins of the old giant-built city. For a full campaign, adventurers will move between the two regularly with both city-based and outside-based adventures to have a more immersive experience.

What's in the Product?

  • 164 Page PDF with the three main sections:
    • Pavis Players Guide
    • Pavis City Book
    • Adventures
  • 22x17 Map of New Pavis PDF

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Map of New Pavis
Map of the River of Cradles

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Year Released:
2019 - Original Release 1983
RuneQuest 2nd Edition
Page Count:
Black & White PDF with Color Covers
Steve Perrin, Greg Stafford, Lynn Willis, Sandy Petersen, Michael Trout, Anders Swenson, Marc Willner, Oliver Dickinson, Ken Rolston, Charlie Krank
Cover Artist:
M Roland
Interior Artists:
Mike Blum, Brad Foster, Simon Bray
Maps and Plans:
Charlie Krank, Lynn Willis, Yurek Chodak