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MIG3: The Meints Index to Glorantha - Hardcover

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The Ultimate Guide for Collecting RuneQuest and Glorantha Exclusive banner

What's Inside

In the modern collector’s market, knowing what you need is essential if you want to save time and money. MIG3: The Meints Index to Glorantha (aka MIG3), contains an exhaustive catalog of RuneQuest and Glorantha titles and related products.

Over the last 40 years, Chaosium President and Glorantha Historian Rick Meints has attended a plethora of auctions, consulted a wide range of experts, procured numerous collections, dredged the depths of the internet, and spent countless nights compiling this compendium of products, supplements, and articles.

This new edition covers everything published for RuneQuest and Glorantha between 1975 and 2015.

RQ Versions

Perfect For All Collectors

MIG3: The Meints Index to Glorantha contains all you need whether you’re a seasoned or budding collector of Glorantha and RuneQuest. Rulebooks, monsters, skills, spells, scenarios, and history are all provided.

Thieves World

 A Comprehensive and Easy Reference

You will no longer hunt for details or guess which book contains the information you’re seeking: every cult, scenario, spell, skill, and creature detailed in all of the products are organized into lists of their sources.

Index - Scenarios

New to the 3rd Edition

Thanks to the input of a range of collectors and scholars, this book has been updated to provide corrections, refinements, and additions to the previous two releases of this book. Also included are checklists for many of the non-English language licensed products.


What Never Was

Over the years many products were announced as being in development and “coming soon”, and many of them never made it to market. MIG3: The Meints Index to Glorantha includes exploration of these products that never were, and the history behind their fate.

What Never Was

Hundreds of Illustrations

Most of the products are depicted with their cover art and/or photographs so you know what to look for. The varying levels of quality and creativity are evident over the five decades worth of products included, and these illustrations showcase how vividly they brought Glorantha and RuneQuest to life.

RQ Miniatures

What The Critics Say

  • "Rick Meints' MIGs have always been awesome. The newest one not only has the benefit of 20+ years of additional research, but Rick is also now in charge of Chaosium, so there's some secret lore in there as well."

    — Shannon Appelcline, Designers & Dragons, Facebook Review.

  • “A gorgeous looking production, and a fantastic tribute not just to the indefatigable efforts of Rick Meints but to all the creativity of the cast of thousands who appear in it.”

    — Brian Duguid, Jonstown Compendium creator. Exclusive banner

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Full Color Hardcover
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Rick Meints
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Matt Ryan
  • Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star 5
    Well done!

    Posted by Matt H on 6th Aug 2023

    Excellent index on Glorantha items up to 2015! Collectors and casual readers should find it of value.

  • Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star 5
    A Definitive Index for the Collector and the Fan!

    Posted by Scott Shafer on 19th Jun 2023

    An excellent summary and history of RuneQuest products and their development through 2015. The depth and breadth of RuneQuest is ably chronicled in this book. It is designed for collectors, but even the casual fan will find something of value in its pages. Highly recommended!