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Lordly Domains - PDF

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A Player's Guide to Noble Characters in the Time of King Arthur

Lordly Domains

  • Economic System: noble holdings, fiefdoms, and hosehold knights and officers.
  • Grand Events: feasts and festivals, hosting a tournament, hunts and falconry.
  • Heraldry
  • Detailed cutaways depicting the inside of a lord's keep.
  • "Of Allies and Enemies", a scenario demonstrating the concepts in Lordly Domains.

    This book is about nobles and their responsibilities and privileges. Its rules cover the acquisition of land and the nature of nobility, expand upon the concepts presented in the Pendragon rulebook, and make the use of noble player characters a practicality.

    The last chapter contains a set of illustrated, detailed cutaways depicting the inside of a lord's keep. Lordly Domains is an indespensable resource for King Arthur Pendragon

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