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King Arthur Pendragon Core Rule Book - 4th Edition- PDF

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Epic Roleplaying in Arthur's Britain

Listen and hear the life of a great lord who, while he lived, had no equal in cottage or castle. This event took place in the time of Arthur, the King, courtly and royal, and is about one of his great adventures. Wherever he went, of all kings, Arthur bears the flower; of all knights, he bears the honor. The whole country was chivalrous in those days. All knights were valiant, and all cowards were forver disgraced. 
--From the Wedding of Sir Gawaine and Dame Ragnell

Live the glory of King Arthur's court. Smite bloodthirsty giants, crush treacherous invaders, brave the mysterious lands of Faerie, and dabble in Celtic magic.

To become a Knight of the Round table you must uphold chivalric ideals of courage, honesty, fair play, and justice. Armed and armored, you are the law of the land, in a life-or-death struggle to join the fellowship of the Round Table.

Or you might be instead become a powerful magician using King Arthur Pendragon's new Celtic magic system. Scour legendary Britain and the lands of Faerie for sites of power, where you will work fearsome spells and summonings.

This book contains everything you need to explore the mysteries and dangers of Arthur's Britain. Its many features include a complete game system; and extensive background information covering knighthood, chivalry, the magical traditions, your home and family, the feudal world, and chivalric duties. Clear, concise instructions make character generation easy and quick, and many examples are included. Other sections teach you how to present a King Arthur Pendragon game sessions and how to start your first campaign. Exotic monsters, fearsome creatures, and other people are described in detail. Statistics for many famous knights and nobles include Arthur, Gawaine, Lancelot, Guenever, Mordred, Merlin, and Morgan le Fay. Many adventures are provided so that you can begin play immediately.

This is your opportunity to be one of Arthur's knights, errant across Britain, and — perhaps — be one of the fortunate few named to Arthur's Round Table. Adventure through the world of Excalibur, the Sword in the Stone, the Joyous Garde, Camelot, the Questing Beast, the Wastelands, and more!

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4th Edition Pendragon
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