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Knights Adventurous - PDF

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Expanding the World of Pendragon

KNIGHTS ADVENTUROUS expands and amplifies many topics introduced in the basic Pendragon rulesbook, and is a valuable aid to both the players and the game master

Character Generation greatly expands the options of player-knights.

Lands and Peoples describes France, Ireland, and various regions of Britain revealing rulers, vassals, armies, and interesting features. Covers the Cymri, French, Occitanians, Irish, Picts, Romans, and Saxons. KNIGHTS introduces new classes and noble ambitions. Various organizations include the Queen's Knights, Knights of the Grail Temple, and Order of the Golden Apple.

Women details roles, ambitions, and character-generation.

Religion Christianity, Paganism, Wotanism, and Judaism are all described.

Wealth provides many ways of spending money including feasts, stables, different horse breeds; fashions in clothing, and additional types of armor.

Grand Events describes visiting court, hosting a tournament, and the hunt.

Magic & Fairie discusses faerie in Britain, discusses religion and fairie, magic use, and muses about King Arthur and the Faerie War.

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