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HeroQuest Glorantha

HeroQuest Glorantha is Chaosium Inc’s narrative RPG set in Greg Stafford's mythical world of Glorantha. It presents a simple rules system that allows Game Masters to run games modeled on ancient myth, epic sagas, and tales of high adventure. HeroQuest Glorantha encourages creative input from players, resulting in an exciting, unpredictable narrative created through group play. Character creation is fast and simple, and supports all types of Glorantha magics and every Glorantha culture.

Advice from Ian

HeroQuest Glorantha is extremely well-suited for online play with its narrative style and streamlined flow. If you use simple contests liberally to resolve conflicts in single opposed roll, you can get a lot done in the hours without getting bogged down in the details.

Gaming Recommendations - Ian Cooper

Highwall Inn - Cover

Highwall Inn

A free HeroQuest Glorantha adventure Highwall Inn has been written by HQ line editor Ian Cooper in Greg's honor as part of the commemoration on the anniversary of the passing of Chaosium, Inc's founder Greg Stafford. The PCs are travelers who take shelter in a remote inn, trying to evade both a storm and the unexpected dangers in the inn.

The Sartar Companion - Cover

Sartar Companion

This setting and scenario book that gives you the opportunity for countless hours of sandbox adventure in the Kingdom of Sartar. The campaign scenarios, and extensive encounters can support single evenings of play or broaden out into a campaign.

The Coming Storm - Cover

The Coming Storm

The Coming Storm is the guide to the Glorantha setting of the Red Cow clan in Sartar. It provides everything you need to run a classic clan-based Sartarite campaign with HeroQuest Glorantha.

If you want more, The Coming Storm forms the setting for The Eleven Lights, an epic campaign taking the Red Cow through the opening days of the Hero Wars from 1618-1625.

Character Sheets

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HeroQuest Glorantha