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Chronicle of the Awakenings - PDF

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New Past Lives & Rules Expansions for Nephilim Players and Gamemasters

Each Nephilim has experienced many lives in the past. With each incarnation, a Nephilim draws closer to enlightenment. This book adds sixteen new Past Lives to those already found in the Nephilim rulesbook, presenting a variety of historical eras during which your character might have lived. The new eras are: Mycenae, Greece, 1200 BC; The Kingdom of Carthage, 200 BC; Rome, Italy, 1000 AD; Jerusalem, 1120 AD; Las Nava de Tolosa, Spain, 1212 AD; Avignon, France, 1378 AD; Florence, Italy, 1480 AD; London, England, 1590 AD; The Americas, New England, 1650 AD; London, England, 1730 AD; The Scottish Rebellion, 1745 AD; Paris, France, 1789 AD; The Siege of Paris, 1873 AD; The Great War, 1916 AD; and Berlin, Germany, 1933 AD.

Four new metamorphoses are presented: Baen Shide (moon), Fomorian (water), Baba Yaga (moon), and Tecarian (earth).

A new Metamorphoses system introduces custom transformations for each Metamorphoses, so that Angels grow wings, Tritons grow gills and can breath underwater, etc. Each transformation is linked to a new Passions system, so that as a Nephilim acts in accordance with its Passions, its transformations grow more pronounced, and more useful. Finally, a host of new Simulacra round out the book.

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Year Released:
Black & White PDF Scan
1st Edition Nephilim
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Shannon Appel, Bill Filios, Kenneth Hite, Donald Kubasak, Adam Thorton, John Tuckey
Cover Artist:
Charlie Krank
Interior Artist:
John Bridges