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Serpent Moon - PDF

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Four Supernatural Stories of Arcane Adventure

Serpent Moon consists of four loosely-related adventures. The first and last adventures are a matched set, with the first, “Intimations,” serving to notify the player Nephilim that the Templars intend some grand act of destruction, the nature of which remains unclear until later. The final adventure, “Culminations,” is the companion piece to “Intimations.” In it, the Nephilim face-down the Templars and try to avert the planned destruction of the elemental fields. Together these two pieces form a set of “bookends,” sandwiching between them the two adventures “Hurdy-Gurdy Man,” and “Messages from the Past.”

The two interim adventures follow plots of their own devising, but provide needed clues that help the player Nephilim determine the nature, time, and place of the Templars’ planned ritual. Characters and elements from either of these adventures may find their way into the final adventure. Both of these middle adventures are self-sufficient, and could be played alone or as they are intended along the course of the Serpent Moon campaign. If the gamemaster wishes, she could run further adventures of her choosing before the final “Culminations.”

The four scenarios are:

  • Intimations
  • Messages From the Past
  • The Hurdy Gurdy Man
  • Culminations

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Year Released:
1st Edition Nephilim
Black & White PDF Scan
Page Count:
Mark Angeli, Ben Chessell, Wayne Coburn, Ross Isaacs, Liam Routt
Cover Artists:
Drashi Khendup, Sam Shirley
Interior Artists:
Drashi Khendup, Sam Shirley, Dan Barker, Heather McKinney