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Bridgett Jeffries

20161105-144006.jpegBridgett Jeffries is coordinator of events and outreach at Chaosium and part of our community ambassador team.

Although Bridgett is happy to assist creators in all of our community content programs at DriveThruRPG, her particular interest is the Miskatonic Repositoryour platform for independent gaming material for the Call of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game.

Bridgett heard the Call of Cthulhu about 10 years ago and has been madly in love with the game ever since. She prefers to play, run, and write story-driven, character focused, and combat light games. Bridgett has a history degree, and so many of her games have a strong historical influence with a twist of Mythos.

Bridgett’s own scenarios can be found on the Miskatonic Repository. She says that what she most loves most about Call of Cthulhu is the intuitive rules and the quality of players the game attracts: "Horror gaming has provided me with such joy that I wished to further spread the madness." Indeed, Bridgett founded a horror gaming club, Symphony Entertainment Gaming & Arts, which solely focuses on horror-based systems.

A resident of Columbus, Ohio, USA, you can find Bridgett at conventions around the Northeast United States. She is also the newest co-host on the Miskatonic University Podcast. Bridgett has three dogs (Sony, Zoe, and Gabriel). They’re pretty cool. Actually, no, they’re awesome.