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Book of the Estate - PDF

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Be the Master of Your Demense!

With the help of the great fans of KAP, we often update the files for our products. Version 1.3.2 Now Available.

This edition aligns the rules with Book of the Warlord and Book of the Entourage.

Your estate is your home. Following the noble tradition, you create a glorious monument to yourself and your lineage for all time. Life is transient. Monuments are immortal.

This book is for playing the lesser nobility of King Uther's realm. It's all here, from an inventory of your servants to ten ready-to-play estates. Learn how to obtain an estate, recruit knights to your banner, organize your household, and build a testament to your glory.

Players get a faster, lighter system to manage their estate, as well as new rules for tracking damage from foes, recovering from catastrophe, and building improvements for future generations.

The ultimate landholding guide for the award-winning King Arthur Pendragon roleplaying game, Book of the Estate is a must-have resource for Gamemasters and players alike!

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