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What's Happening with RQG #1: Deep into Layout!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 15th Apr 2018

By Jeff Richard

An update on RuneQuest progress. We are deep in layout, and the book is looking absolutely amazing, thanks to the hard work of our layout guru Simeon Cogswell. In fact it is so amazing, I wanted to screen share a few pages from my computer to show you how this is shaping up.

Now keep in mind, these are not final pages, just works-in-progress to show you the visual style of the book. Art placement will get tweaked, texted moved, etc.

That being said, let's jump into the combat chapter and look at a few draft pages, featuring art from Simon Roy.

Lists of weapons and their effects is visually dead boring. Tables, tables, tables, and some text. But we've tried to liven this up, and this is a full color book with a lot of art. And I mean a LOT of art. Where we could illustrate a concept, we did. So here is comparative missile ranges.

Here's another one along the same lines. I wanted to visually explain the difference in what hit locations shields provide cover for, which in a nutshell helps explain why people like Large Shields.

This spread also shows clearly the chapter marker - each chapter has a Rune or Runes thematically associated with it. This being the Combat Chapter, the Death Rune thematically marks it out:

Anyways, we are charging towards completion! We are trying to grind down in the Character Generation chapter, to get those loads of boxes and tables looking cool and interesting, and once that is done, the rest of the book should fall into place pretty quickly.

But we thought you'd enjoy a chance to look at how this looks on my computer screen...

Art Credits:
'Missile Weapons' & 'Shield Types' by Simon Roy