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Unnatural Selections #54 - "Best starter set I have ever bought" : initial reactions to the RuneQuest Starter Set

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 17th Nov 2021

The 'Unnatural Selections' series is our regular round up of notable Chaosium reviews worth a look. 

The RuneQuest Starter Set has been out for a week and initial reactions from fans who've bought a copy have been ecstatic. Here are some of the customer reviews left on the RQ Starter Set product page at – all of them so far have been five stars:

Absolutely Awesome... Best starter set I have ever bought. A lot of my friends are about to discover the my love for RuneQuest." – BH

"As someone who is brand new to Glorantha (I've been gaming since 1984 and only got into Glorantha in 2018 with the RQ:G book), I love it. I love the sturdy box. I love all the maps and the magnificent artwork and the PC portfolios. I especially love Book 2: Glorantha. ...this Starter Set booklet really gives me a good overview of the world without inundating me in detail." – MK

"The price point is amazingly low for the amount of content within the box set. I recommend this set for any curious new comers to RuneQuest and a solid purchase for old timers as well." – JE

"For a player new to Glorantha this is where you need to start. Everything is streamlined and ready to go. You can explore the world and various character archetypes (over a dozen). It is colorful and vivid with a well laid out package and an initial solo adventure set to get you all in. There is a lot in this box that will keep you going for a fair amount of time. Warning though: Soon you'll be so excited by this whole world you'll have a whole bookshelf of Gloranthan books and materials from Chaosium and fan written materials at the Jonstown Compendium as well as writing yourself." – SV

"Welcome to Glorantha. You'll never leave." – IS

"The Glorantha book is a thing of beauty. The maps are glorious. The solo adventure is fun. The GM adventures, especially the reboot of the Rainbow Mounds, are exactly the sort to show off how Glorantha works. RQ has never been strictly dungeon-bashing and murder hobos. Now, with this Starter Set, people can get a genuine taste of how different, exciting, and fulfilling a role-playing game can be." – TS

"Masterpiece - The best starter set I have seen. Basic and ideal for new players and really interesting to more advance GMs, stunning art, lot of content, thrill adventures, dices.... and cheap... you can't ask for more." – JG

RuneQuest Starter Set

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