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New Syrinscape Sound Pack: The Two-headed Serpent Chapter Three – Borneo

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 12th Oct 2021

Syrinscape - North Borneo

Fresh off the success of their Masks of Nyarlathotep SoundPacks, our friends at Syrinscape have started to release full audio support for the thrilling Pulp Cthulhu adventures of The Two-Headed Serpent!

Chapter 1 - Bolivia and Chapter 2 - New York have been out for a few weeks and Chapter 3 - North Borneo - has just been released. A complete sound solution to Chapter 3 of this epic adventure:

North Borneo is the destination. Sick farmers are in need of help and strange plant life and creatures roam this area of the globe. What could be causing it? Everything is here to immerse you with background sound and music that matches the story, scene by scene.

And is this Adventure SoundPack useful when you're not actually playing the The Two Headed Serpent adventure?

The Two-headed Serpent

Yes! Because if you want the sounds of...

  • trekking through a South American jungle
  • a refugee camp
  • a well interior
  • a village festival
  • an snake filled accent temple
  • a secluded tomb
  • gun fights and punch ups
  • battle with a giant snake
  • a fight with a formless spawn
  • or just a dark Indiana Jones style adventure,

All of this and more can be found in this pack!

This product is also included for FREE with a SuperSyrin Subscription. Consider trying that out instead? Our friends at Syrinscape currently have a 30 day free trail offer.