Gen Con Preview #1 - Chaosium's massive program of scheduled games

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 12th May 2019

Gen Con event tickets will be released for purchase by the public on May 19th. With our support of crack team of GMs and Keepers from the Cult of Chaos, our director of organised play Todd has put together a massive program of games in our dedicated 20 table event space.In the next few pos … read more

Dhole's House visitors have doubled in 2018

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 9th Dec 2018

Have you checked out out The Dhole's House, a free 'online toolkit' for both Keepers and players of Call of Cthulhu? With it, you can create Call of Cthulhu investigators in minutes, or search the Character Library for characters for use as PCs and NPCs for Classic, Modern, Pulp, Gaslight … read more

ENnies 2018 Spotlight: The Two-Headed Serpent

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 15th Jul 2018

In their review of The Two-Headed Serpent, said the adventure is a "cross between Indiana Jones and Hellboy... awesome action movie fun with a beautifully realized Lovecraftian back drop... The staff at Chaosium have put together a marvelous globe trotting tale of monster filled … read more

The Stars Continue to Be Right: vote Chaosium, vote Cthulhu at the 2018 ENnies

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 13th Jul 2018

The ENnies are the annual fan-based celebration of excellence in tabletop roleplaying gaming. Last year Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition performed exceptionally well, winning nine of the record ten ENnie Awards it was nominated for, thanks to your support.This year, the Stars Continue to Be Right because … read more

MASKS OF NYARLATHOTEP: pricing details and what you get in the PDF package

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 20th Jun 2018

Yesterday we announced the release date of the new Masks of Nyarlathotep PDF—July 1st, 2018. It will be available from and DriveThruRPG.The PDF package will cost USD$59.99 and contains the following electronic items: Masks Book - Omnibus PDF of both volumes (666 pages)Ke … read more

MASKS OF NYARLATHOTEP: Release date announced for July 1st 2018

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 19th Jun 2018

The release date for the new edition of Masks of Nyarlathotep has been announced: July 1st, 2018.The 666 page PDF will be available for purchase from that date at and DriveThruRPG. The two-volume hardback slipcase version will be available later in 2018*.*Purchasers … read more