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Don't forget, in RuneQuest when adventurers are slaughtered or run screaming, the Monsters get experience rolls too...

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 22nd May 2018

Sage advice from the "Grand Shaman of Games" Greg Stafford, way back in 1978*. 

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*"The RuneQuest RPG deliberately eschews the concept that the player characters are “good” and the monsters they encounter are necessarily “evil”. In his earliest published adventures, Greg Stafford pointed out to Game Masters that if the adventurers turn and flee screaming, to not forget that the monsters get experience rolls too. In other words, the creatures they encounter have their own lives, motivations and connections, and intelligent ones have societies and cultures. This was ground breaking for the early days of RPGs, where even “good” characters seemed to just go round a dungeon killing monsters and taking their stuff."
—Chaosium vice president Michael O'Brien, interview by Jane Routely.

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