Uploading to the MISKATONIC REPOSITORY for fun and profit - a quick Q&A

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 5th Feb 2018

Uploading your original Call of Cthulhu creations to the MISKATONIC REPOSITORY on DriveThruRPG for fun and profit—a quick Q&A to show just how easy it is...

Miskatonic Repository Logo

Q: First off, so what is the Miskatonic Repository?

A: The Miskatonic Repository is a new way for creators to publish and distribute their own original Call of Cthulhu content including scenarios, settings, spells and more!

Q: Is the Miskatonic Repository for Call of Cthulhu similar to the DMs Guild for Dungeons & Dragons?

A: Yes! The Miskatonic Repository follows same general rules and model for revenue split as the DMs Guild.

Call of Cthulhu LogoDMs Guild Logo

Q: How does the Miskatonic Repository work?

A: You create original content, format it to our design template, and then upload the PDF to the Miskatonic Repository on DriveThruRPG. People can view your creation there and can download it if they wish—just like any other DTRPG product.

Q: What kind of products are welcome in the Miskatonic Repository?

A: Original Call of Cthulhu scenarios, settings, spells, stats for monsters, background dossiers, and campaign handouts— more info here.

Miskatonic Repository Products

Q: Who owns material in the Miskatonic Repository?

A: You retain the copyright of any original IP you create for the Miskatonic Repository. Chaosium owns the IP it provides for use including rules, settings, characters, concepts, plots, storylines etc.

Q: Can I sell my Call of Cthulhu creations through the Miskatonic Repository?

A: You sure can! You can set a price, make your product "pay what you want", or even make it free—entirely up to you. Retail sales revenues are split between the creator (i.e. you), One Bookshelf (DTRPG's parent company) and Chaosium.

Titles on Miskatonic Repository

Q: How much of the sale price do I keep as the creator?

A: 50%. One Bookshelf (DTRPG) gets 30% and Chaosium gets 20%. (Note: this is the same revenue split as the DMs Guild, the community content program for D&D). Details on how revenue split and payment works here.

Q: How do I format my Miskatonic Repository creation?

A: Chaosium has created easy-to-use style templates, which you can download for free: MS WordAdobe InDesign

Template for Miskatonic Repository

Q: My Miskatonic Repository scenario needs art - what do I do?

A: Chaosium has created Art Packs specifically for the Miskatonic Repository. They come as zip files of images which you are licensed to use for FREE in content submitted to the Miskatonic Repository:

Q: Can I use my own art in the Miskatonic Repository?

A: You are most welcome to create or source your own art and graphics. We have also helpful links to libraries of copyright free images here.

Copyright free images for Miskatonic Repository

Q: Can I create and sell content for previous editions of Call of Cthulhu?

A: No, Miskatonic Repository content must be for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition. If you have something for a previous edition, you must update it to 7th. Use our free conversion guide.

Call of Cthulhu Conversion Guide

Q: Where can I find out more information about submitting to the Miskatonic Repository?

A: Check out the Guidelines here. And further information, including writing and art tips here.

Q: What I really want is to be published by Chaosium itself one day; will participating here help?

A: Indeed yes! We see the Miskatonic Repository as a launching site for writing talent and a place we'll be watching keenly for potential writers in our Call of Cthulhu line.

Silhouettes - Miskatonic Repository

We hope this information is helpful, and you consider contributing—Call of Cthulhu fans are super keen for new content, and we'd love to see your creations up there!

In the meantime, do check out what's already available at the Miskatonic Repository!