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WeAreAllUs: Remembering Greg Stafford on the anniversary of his passing

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 10th Oct 2019

Chaosium founder Greg Stafford passed away a year ago today, in his sweat lodge at his home in Arcata, CA. He died as he lived, on a spiritual quest of enlightenment.Today, one year on, company President Rick Meints expresses the sentiments we all feel at Chaosium:"Even though a year … read more

WeAreAllUs: 'The Rattling Wind', a preview chapter from RuneQuest's forthcoming Pegasus Plateau will be released in honor of Greg Stafford on Oct 10

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 23rd Sep 2019

OCTOBER 10 marks the first anniversary of the passing Chaosium founder Greg Stafford, the 'grand shaman of gaming'. To honor his legacy and with Greg's family's blessing, we encourage Chaosium fans and gamers in general to play a tabletop game from October 10 to October 31 in remembrance of Gre … read more