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Isle of Madness kicks off Pulp Cthulhu adventures in the Miskatonic Repository

Posted by Michael O'Brien on

Miskatonic University logoISLE OF MADNESS is a hair raising 1930's adventure that takes place on a secret island hidden in the North Atlantic Ocean—and is the first scenario for Pulp Cthulhu in the Miskatonic Repository, Chaosium's new community content program on DriveThruRPG.

ISLE OF MADNESS is a hair raising 1930's Pulp Cthulhu scenario taking place on a secret island hidden in the North Atlantic Ocean—an island occupied by terrible fish-man amalgams, referred to as devilfish due to their strange red coloring, and a mad scientist intent on mastery of everything below the surface of the seas.

This is a short scenario suitable for up to six players. This scenario can be run as a introductory scenario for a new group or as a side-trek for an established group of heroes between chapters of a campaign.

Isle of Madness Picture - Miskatonic Repository

Lillian Cohen-Moore spoke to ISLE OF MADNESS author Ed Possing about his work:

Q: Tell us something about your scenario that isn't in the description.

In Isle of Madness, the villain, a deep one hybrid scientist named Doctor Caspian, is raising an army of his own creation to take on deep ones in a battle to control the seas. His ultimate weapon is a giant robot replica of Mother Hydra. Unfortunately for him, and our heroes, he hasn't worked out all of her bugs yet.

Q: When it comes to the Cthulhu Mythos, what keeps you interested in it?

I'm fascinated with mystery. I think it's in people's nature to puzzle things out, to search for answers. The Cthulhu Mythos offers that with a secret world just beyond our ability to comprehend. I think it's heroic when investigators search for the truth, even if it's ultimately is their undoing.

Ed Possing - Miskatonic Repository

Q: What do you do when you're not terrifying your fellow Call of Cthulhu fans?

I'm a stay-at-home dad and fitness instructor at a local athletic club. I love writing fiction too, largely flash fiction due to a short attention span. Did I mentioned I have kids?

Q: Give us a quick bio:

Ed Possing has been roleplaying since the early 80's but hadn't really tried Call of Cthulhu until the last several years. Now he's all in. In addition to ISLE OF MADNESS, he's written a shotgun scenario published in The Unspeakable Oath -- Secret Shopper. He's also written a Pulp Cthulhu scenario, "Midnight Masquerade", a winner in Chaosium's 2016 Convention Scenario Contest. He's written a micro-fiction story, "Unwanted Visitor", published in the #0 issue of Hypergraphia, a horror gaming fanzine. Finally, he's been administering the Delta Green Shotgun Scenario Contest since 2014.

Q: Apart from your work in the Miskatonic Repository, where else can people find you?

Twitter: @epossing

Miskatonic Repository - Isle of Madness


A Pulp Cthulhu scenario set in the 1930s

Author: Ed Possing

Game System: Call of Cthulhu (Pulp Cthulhu)

Format: 16 pages. Color.

Price: $2.95

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