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7th Sea - Nations of Theah - Vol 1 - Hardcover

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Liberty! Equality! Freedom!

Change is coming to Théah’s western nations. Tensions rise as disenfranchised, war-weary people grow restless under the unrelenting rule of the nobility. Now, the people look towards revolution as the only respite.

Chaosium Unveiled: Inside Nations of Theah - Volume 1

Watch the unveiling video to see the book for yourself. Remember that you get the PDF when getting the physical copy.

This book contains material for 7th Sea: Second Edition including new Backgrounds, Advantages, Dueling styles and new monsters. It also includes expanded setting information for Théah’s four western nations.


Avalon, including a look at Queen Elaine’s Court, the Sidhe, various locations in the Glamour Isles and an expansion on Glamour Sorcery

Castille, including an inside view into the Church and Inquisition, the ducados of Castille and Alquimia, an all new Sorcery for Castille

Montaigne, including a look into the royal family and l’Empereur’s court, the Montaigne countryside and an expansion on Porte Sorcery

Vestenmennavenjar, including a look into the Vendel League, the jarls of Vesten, the ongoings of the various cities in Vesten and Galdr, an all new Sorcery for Vesten

Adventure, political intrigue and upheaval lurk around every corner. Are you ready to take up the cause?

Nations of Theah - Map

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What The Critics Say

  • "This is a great book and you should buy it! 7th Sea is a wonderful campaign system and world... these Nations of Théah books delve really deep into that world, while giving you so many story hooks and ideas and things that can spin off into adventures or entire campaigns."

    — Dan Wells, YouTube Review.

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John Wick Presents
2nd Edition 7th Sea
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Full Color Hardcover
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Danielle Lauzon, Leonard Balsera, Mike Curry, Fabien Badilla, Christine Beard, Jess Hartley, James Mendez Hodes, Betsy Isaacson, Shoshana Kessock, Ralph Mazza, Helena Real, Ericka Skirpan, Jeremy Elder, Dan Waszkiewicz, Brett Zeiler, Tara Zuber, Jenn
Giorgio Baroni, Charlie Creber, Shen Fei, Phu Thieu Mac, James Mosingo, Mauro Mussi, Diego Rodriguez, Mark Richardson
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