7th Sea - Core Rulebook - Second Edition - Limited Edition

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Foil-stamped black exterior featuring skull and crossbones.

7th Sea is a tabletop roleplaying game of swashbuckling and intrigue, exploration and adventure, taking place on the continent of Theah, a land of magic and mystery inspired by our own Europe. Players take the roles of heroes thrown into global conspiracies and sinister plots, exploring ancient ruins of a race long vanished and protecting the rightful kings and queens of Theah from murderous villains.

Chaosium Unveiled: Inside 7th Sea Core Rulebook - Second Edition

Watch the unveiling video to see the book for yourself. Remember that you get the PDF when getting the physical copy.

Save the Queen of Avalon from treacherous blackmail!

Thwart a dastardly assassination attempt on the Cardinal of Castille!

Raid the villainous fleets of Vodacce Merchant Princes!

Free the Prince of the Sarmatian Commonwealth from a mysterious curse!

Make decisions that alter the very course of Thean history!


In 7th Sea, you are a Hero, an icon of Théah ready to live and die for causes that matter. You bravely take on a dozen thugs with swords, knives and guns all on your own. You are the trusted knight, a loyal bodyguard or even an adventuring queen herself.

In other words—you are d’Artagnan, Milady de Winter, the Dread Pirate Roberts, Jack Sparrow, Julie d’Aubigney, and the Scarlet Pimpernel all rolled up in one!

This is a game of high adventure, mystery and action. This is a game of intrigue and romance.

This is 7th Sea.

What the Critics say

"7th Sea is an amazing world. It's fully filled out and well developed. It's a place with lots of stories to tell as well as a lot of places to explore …a fantastic take on the pirate fantasy RPG. " OVERALL SCORE: 9/10.—Throatpunch Games.

"If you’re looking for a game that delivers rope-swinging swashbuckler-y fun with the ability to take your own story by the reins, then this is the game for you. John Wick clearly knew what he wanted to do with the game, and didn’t waste time killing sacred cows to make it happen."—Philgamer.

"The game basically ended up as a way to just let our imaginations run wild… as my two friends and I started getting lost in the story we were telling, the dice and mechanics took a back seat to pure role playing. I actually found myself exhausted by the end of the session, but I was also exceedingly happy from having such a good time… In a world where throwing dice seems to be the main point of RPGs, 7th Sea gave me a breath of that fresh ocean air of storytelling."—The Coolship.

"Have you ever wanted to be a pirate? If not, why not? What about a swashbuckling hero along the lines of Inigo Montoya, Guybrush Threepwood or the Musketeers of Dumas’ stories? Or maybe you want to run a game, stranding a bunch of heroes on an island filled with wonders, horrors and buried treasure? I have found and run such a game… If you like swashbuckling adventures and heroic characters, this is definitely the best system."—Who Dares Rolls.

"…one of the most stunningly unique and innovative game systems that I have ever played."—Dan Wells (YouTube review)

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John Wick Presents
Rule Set:
2nd Edition 7th Sea
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Full Cover Leatherette Hardcover
John Wick, Mike Curry, Rob Justice, Mark Diaz Truman, Jesse Heinig
Giorgio Baroni, Manuel Castañón Guerrero, El Tio Drake, Shen Fei, Young Yi Lee, Diego Rodriguez, Beth Sobel, Meagan Trott
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