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Stream - Shadows over Stillwater

Shadows over Stillwater
Shadows over Stillwater

Welcome to a wild west full of mythos and mystery!

Join our heroes as they travel to the town of Stillwater in search of a notorious gang.

Shadows over Stillwater is a campaign for Down Darker Trails.


Adda "Blanca" Ward

Adda is a survivor, simple as that. She doesn’t let obstacles like morality, or a room full of gunslingers get between her and that goal. A veteran of several outlaw gangs, she’s now driven to seek vengeance for wrongs made against her in her past.

Played by Rachael Chee @Rachael_Tad

Jeremiah "Mac" MacDonald

Jeremiah is a rough and tumble marshal who has devoted his life to bringing law to a savage land. He’s seen a dozen deaths and a dozen more shootouts, but walked away from every single one. Many people have tried to escape from Jeremiah, none of them have succeeded.

Played by Jackson Heenan @Actin_Jackson

Griff Gutherson
Griff Gutherson

Griff doesn’t know people so well. Not in particular, or in general. He prefers the quiet solitude of the mountains. But every year more and more people pour into the west, bringing with them the loud cacophony of "civilization". Now a dark shadow from his past has driven him down from the mountains, and into danger.                                      

Played by Daniel Richards @DJRichards101


Grease is a city kid, who came to the west with a naive glint in his eye. Don’t mistake that glint for weakness though. It’s the kind of glint that gives this pint sized gunslinger the skill needed to outshoot any seasoned outlaw in the west. He works alongside Marshall Mac, to whom he owes a great debt. The coming danger means he’ll surely have a way to pay it.

Played by David Naylor @GoodShipFunTrip

Joseph Waite
Doctor Joseph Waite

Joseph Waite is a talented, albeit bookish physician who spent his youth on the frontier. Trained first by a local doctor and ex-military surgeon, Bill Hackney, then at the esteemed John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Joseph’s skills are as sharp as the instruments of his trade. Rumours about Hackney’s health have seen Joseph return to the West in recent months, where he makes his living offering services as a doctor, dentist, and occasionally, veterinarian.

Played by Art Hunter @art_the_dm

James Coquillat
Keeper - James Coquillat

James Coquillat is Chaosium’s Digital Content Producer. You can find his work in video games, print, or across various corners of the web. Descended from isolationist huguenots and bushranger dissecting “doctors”, James hopes to outshine his ancestors by living a life that isn’t ridiculous.

Gamemastered by James Coquillat @RoboPelican

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