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SoloQuest Classic Collection - Softcover - POD

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Three SoloQuest Adventures for RuneQuest 2!



DreamQuest - Once upon a dream, your god appears to you. You are offered the opportunity to serve your god by defeating four foes in mortal combat. Step-by-step solo-melee combat rules for the detailed RuneQuest combat sequences are provided.

Phoney Stones - Somebody has been selling counterfeit Issaries statues. Everyone is upset: the buyers because they thought they were becoming members of Issaries with the purchase; the Issaries temple because it undermines the sales of their own statues. Big reward is offered for the capture of the counterfeiter.

Maguffin Hunt - The dwarves have stolen the valuable maguffin. You are offered a big reward for its recovery and apprehension of the thieves. The dwarves have hidden their prize in their intricate labyrinthine tunnels in the Dwarven mountains. Who will dare?

Scorpion Hall

Scorpion Hall Cover

Somewhere in the forest, a band of scorpion men have their hideaway. Their raids have depopulated the local lands, but the Empire will do nothing. You must locate their lair, then penetrate it to learn their secrets and destroy their center of power. It will be a near-impossible task. You might fail - and die. But if you die, you know that your friends will follow you into the ever-changing world of Scorpion Hall and avenge you. Can you meet this challenge?

Snow King's Bride

Snow King's Bride

On to Valhalavahalla!

Brunhild is the comely and boisterous intended bride of Snorkil Herringbane, lord of Valhalavahalla. Your mission is to escort her through treacherous mountains, monsters and marvels, and deliver her safe and sound to the Snow King.

You will have to match wits with the greedy griffin of Griffin Gorge, evade the nasty, ice-sharp tail whips of the Cold Cuts, and foil a ferocious Frost Demon. Then again, your biggest headache may be Brunhild herself, for though she has heard that Snorkil is filthy rich, her girlfriends warn that he is also old, decrepit and foolish. Are you man enough to resist her hearty advances?

An initiate of any non-chaotic cult may apply for the job. Brunild's father favors no particular race or sex, but he intensely dislikes lawyers. They need not apply.

So, gather your things and wrap your bearskin tightly about your shoulders. It will be a long, dangerous, and cold trek but the rewards for success will make the trip worthwhile.

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Year Released:
2018 (and 1982)
RuneQuest 2nd Edition
Black & White Print on Demand
Alan LaVergne
Front Cover:
Rick Becker, Luise Perrene
Interior Artist(s):
Rick Becker
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