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Snake Pipe Hollow - Softcover - POD

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Venture Into the Heart of Chaos

Newly formatted and OCRed!

Broo Gang Ambushes Caravan! Trader's Valley, near Glasswall - In an incident which bodes ill for Sartar trade and the towns of the Alda-Chur region, a voracious gang of broos apparently attacked a merchant caravan camped beside The River. Sartar patrols report that the wreckage had been located and quarantined, to prevent the spread of the virulent diseases carried by chaos-worshiping broos.

Long-known as a center of chaos activity, Snake Pipe Hollow in recent years has remained relatively quiet - with none of the mass migrations of chaos horrors which earned the Hollow its gruesome reputation. That peace has ended.

Snake Pipe Hollow contains one massive adventure designed for experiences RuneQuest players running rough adventurers.

Are you up for the challenge?

The Stinking Forest

This scenario pack provides a setting, motivation, and cast of friendly and hostile characters for the referee needing or desiring to construct a RuneQuest adventure on short notice, or for the readers interested in Dragon Pass as a place for active fantasy.

Note: This is the RuneQuest 2 version of Snake Pipe Hollow.

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Rule Set:
RuneQuest 2nd Edition
Year Released:
1979, 2016
Page Count:
Black & White Softcover
Greg Stafford, Rudy Kraft
Cover Artist:
William Church
Interior Artists:
Luise Perenne
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    Snakepipe Hollow

    Posted by Christopher Regan on 28th Jul 2023

    Still the greatest scenario pack I've ever played. Complex, well designed, and intelligent. Deep lore, and very playable. I'd prefer the Walktapus cover, but that's just because it's the one I had back in the day! Get this book.